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Eschatology All Things Fulfilled


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Eschatology: The last days in Bible prophecy showing all things fulfilled with Jesus' second coming, the eternal kingdom, judgment, resurrection of the dead, and the end of the age, at Rome's destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, in A.D. 70.

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A continuation of the study of the promise to Abraham versus the land covenant under Moses. Today we discuss the sojouring in the land and the implications for a claim of eternal unconditional rights to the land given to Israel under... more

Today's study focuses on the sojourning of Abraham in the land, evidencing that it was not his home. Dispensationalism claims Palestine is Israel's home forever and therefore as Christian Zionists support the ethinc cleansing and... more

Ethnic Cleansing in the Name of the Lord, the "Palestinian Holocaust," is believed to be sanctioned by the fulfillment of Bible prophecy according to leading dispensatinalists and Christian Zionists. The definition of ethnic cleansing is... more

In part two of our study we will discuss more flaws of Dispensationalism and Christian Zionism in their blind support of ethnic cleansing in Palestine by the State of Israel erroneously believed to be the fulfillment of Bible... more

The doctrine of dispensationalism as advocated by Christian Zionists supports the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Israel. Hundreds of thousands have been removed from their land, including indigencous Christians, Jews and Arabs, all... more

Roman's 8:22 describes a church, pregnant before the wedding. What can we learn from this text?
William Bell

Birth Pangs of an Unwed Mother in Romans 8:22

  • by William Bell
The Church, Pregnant Out of Wedlock Is it possible that the church was a pregnant unwed mother before giving birth. This is an amazing New Testament text with vivid imagery and insights on the end times events unfolding in... more
William Bell

Victorious Eschatology

  • by William Bell
Victorious eschatology? What is an eschatology of victory? It may be help us to first define an eschatology of defeat. To detemine the victory, we must know that over which victory was to be claimed. According to the Bible, man's enemy... more

Study of 2 Thessalonians 2, on the imminent coming of Christ and the man of Lawlessness. Who is this son of perdition? Is he on earth now? Is he about to come in the near future? What do the scriptures say of him? Find the answers in... more
William Bell

Kingdom Parable of the Vinedresser

  • by William Bell
The Parable of the Vinedresser is an excellent commentary on Genesis 49:10, the prophecy where Jacob prophesies the end of National Israel as a the covenant people of God. Most people, and sadly religious people are under the delusion... more
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