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Eschatology All Things Fulfilled


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Eschatology: The last days in Bible prophecy showing all things fulfilled with Jesus' second coming, the eternal kingdom, judgment, resurrection of the dead, and the end of the age, at Rome's destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, in A.D. 70.

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Today we examine the resurrection in the New Testament focusing mainly on the dying and rising with Christ. Msany believe the Bible teaches two types of resurrection, one spiritual now, one physical later. Our aim is to demonstrate that... more

What does 1 Corinthians 15 teach about the resurrection? How could this text be fulfilled in 70AD?

Has the great tribulation occurred already or is it yet to come? Why is there so much controversy around what appears to be a very simple subject in the Bible. Jeremiah's prophecy of the time of Jacob's trouble and Daniel's great tribulation... more

Both Hebrew Israelites and Zionists have laid claim to the same tribes of Israel, the same land and the same Judaic practices? Why are they identifying with the cursed of Deuteronomy 28:68? Why do some of their their Zionist counter parts... more

Have you every discussed the coming of the Lord with someone and they responded by citing Revelation 1:7 that when the Lord returned every eye would see him. Then they ask, did you see him or say I haven't seen him? This is the... more

According to Stephen Sizer's Book, Christian Zionism, Ronald Reagan's Dispensationalist views affected his political outlook. "In 1986, when tensions grew between the US and Libya, James Mills, by then President pro tem of the... more

The Bible teaches that a tree is known by its fruit. What are some of the fruits of Dispensationalism and Zionism? What were some of the core beliefs and practices? How does it affect our world today? How did it affect life from a... more

According to DIspensationalists, three passages are cited for the teaching of the Rapture doctrine. In todays broadcast we will survey the passages and examine them from a Bible perspective.

The relationship of Political Zionism and John Darby's dispensationalism was being developed from the very beginning. Darby began his millennial teachings in 1830 in England. He traveled to the U.S. holding seminars and evangelistic... more
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