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Eschatology All Things Fulfilled


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Eschatology: The last days in Bible prophecy showing all things fulfilled with Jesus' second coming, the eternal kingdom, judgment, resurrection of the dead, and the end of the age, at Rome's destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, in A.D. 70.

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If the Bible teaches that Jesus' coming is as a thief in the night, how is it possible to teach that he has already come? Doesn't the concept of coming as a thief in the night negate the probability of knowing the time of his coming and the... more

Matthew 8:11-12 is an interesting and powerful text that sums up Jesus' end times teachings in just a couple of verses. Not only does it address the positives of the kingdom of heaven, but by implication, it also addresses the doctrines which... more

Zechariah 12 presents is a discussion of two Jerusalem's which is often overlooked in the study of eschatology. Failure to see these two Jerusalem's creates a lop-sided view of Israel and over-emphasis on sensationalism inherent... more

Replacement Theology is the view that God terminated his program with Israel and replaced it with the church. Dispensationalists believe that God has two separate programs. One is where he fulfills an earthly land promise to Israel,... more

In this study we examine a brief segment of End Times Controversy; The Second Coming Under Attack edited by Tim LaHaye and Thomas Ice. The book seeks to establish a Dispensational interpretation of the Little Apocalypse in Zechariah.... more

Transfiguration of Jesus Coming in Judgment? Christian Zionists and others teach Matthew 16:28 refers to the Transfiguration of chapter 17. In the upcoming broadcast, we will examine Matthew 16:28 in its context to determine whether it... more

4 Blood Moons: John Hagee Verses Joel and the Apostles John Hagee has written a book that is currently a NYT best seller called "Four Blood Moons" Something Is About To Happen. In the book he begins by citing a verse which... more

According to Christian Zionism, Christ will return to reign on a literal throne in Jerusalem. This teaching is so ingrained into the minds of the masses that many do not even question it. Others are so ill-informed that they have no clue... more

Will There Be Sin After Christ's Return? If Christ has returned why is there sin in the world? As more and more theologians and Bible students become aware of Jesus' return being fulfilled in the first century, some question why sin yet... more

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