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Question Of The Day: Is There A Difference Between Hip-Hop & Rap? Do Musicians Make More In Death Than While Alive? Tonight on The Ernest Experience Radio Show Saturday Edition Simulcast, we are asking the... more

Government Is Broke. We Hear It All The Time, But What Are The Alternatives? Children Go To Bed Every Night Without A Meal, Clean Drinking Water. Why Is That?! On this explosive episode of The Ernest Experience Radio Show, Ernest... more

The E3 Expo Has Just Finished Up, But The Products Are Just Starting To Hit Stores. With the Electronic Entertainment Expo having just happened earlier this month, Chris is beyond excited about the new gadgets and thingymabobs... more

Julian Assange: Terrorist, Or World Hero? Let's Talk About It. Kentucky Says, "Gay People Can't Swim Here". WHAT?! We're Not Mad At The Weiner; Maybe You Shouldn't Be Either. Tonight on the Tuesday edition of The Ernest... more

All-Music Mondays Are In Full Effect! This week it's a flat out FUN record we'll be playing. We discovered Rooney by seeing the last 30 seconds of their video for "I Should've Been After You", and knew we wanted the whole CD, Calling The... more

Question Of The Day: How Often Do You Tweet? Main Topic: Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? Tonight on The Ernest Experience Radio Show Saturday Edition Simulcast, your gracious host Ernest, host Jay Ril, and the crew delve... more

Has Black America Dropped The Ball With Civil Rights? How Do We Pull Back Government And Get People To Think For Themselves? Having a regular conversation, your gracious host Ernest and, his long time friend, Travis Church,... more

Should You Maintain An Online Dating Profile If You're In A Relationship? Anthony Weiner: Is A Resignation Really Necessary? Tonight on The Ernest Experience Radio Show, your gracious host Ernest and the crew discuss the... more

Tonight, Chris is taking a different road for this show. Instead of delving into all things geek, we've decided this week to play a good friend of the show, Fenwick Johnson's band, RUG and their debut CD, Communicato. Based in Dallas,... more

How Do U Celebr8e Some1's Birthday Who Doesn't Celebr8 Birthdays? Well, 2day is a few folk's birthday, surely. 1 person sticks out - that being .....well, u no. The ol' boy is 53, but who's counting, right? 2nite, we'll take a... more