Poetic Travels On The Autism Hwy

Poetic Travels On The Autism Hwy

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"Hosts Kelly Green and Erik Estabrook travel poetically on the AutismHWY toward acceptance!"

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Kelly and I have the pleasure of interviewing Lori Shayew today. We will be talking about some of the mechanisms of autism and some ways as a society that we can be better towards autistic people. www.thegiftsofautism.com

Welcome back to Poetic Travels On The Autism Highway, I'm Erik Estabrook and todays interview will be with Lei Wiley Mydske. Lei will be talking to us about the lending library she's starting up in her local community. -Lei Wiley-Mydske is an... more

Join us Today as we Interview Keri Bowers, author of the blogspot www.normalfilms.com, Normals People Scare Me, https://twitter.com/autismfilms, Keri Bowers is a director and writer, known for Arts: A Film About Possibilities,... more

Kassiane Sibley is a vintage 1982 Autistic & epileptic adult. She is a dancer, former gymnast, educator, cat person, and force of nature. Kassiane has been an Autistic activist this whole century, and lucky audiences have heard her present... more

Rudy Simone is the author of four best-selling books on Asperger Syndrome: "Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome" (Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2010), "Asperger's on the Job: Must-have Advice" (Future Horizons... more

Kelly and I welcome back the distinguished and esteemed poet Nicole Nicolson. They'll be new poetry and of course new topics to touch on. I am Nicole Nicholson, a 37 year-old poet and storyteller who believes that my job is to... more

Sandi Anderson has been an active Autism Tree Project Foundation volunteer since its inception 9 years ago. She and her husband, Jeff have two adult sons on the autism spectrum. Her many years of experience advocating,... more

Maripat Robison is the author of the blogspot I married a geek, and has many interesting blogposts about her life and interests. She posts about what its like to be married to someone on the spectrum. She also writes poetry and we'll get... more

Kelly and I will have Daveda Gruber on today's show. Daveda is the foundner of publsihingwithpassion.com and poetrywithpassion.com. She Also has her own website www.davedagruber.com. She's a gifted poet who enjoys helping others... more

Kelly and I are thrilled to have Joanne Lara on today. www.autismmovementtherapy.org http://www.linkedin.com/in/joannelaraauterobics... more