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It's all about the horror culture from movies, books, music, and television as filtered through two generations of horror geeks. Join Rhonny Reaper and Eric Polk for an hour of rants, comedy, and whatever else we can come up with.

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It's that time of year...It's the worst of worst...the crappiest of the crap...It's The Crazy Fat Ethel II Hall of Shame:Class of 2013. Which movies, books, and tv shows received DBHR's least prestigious honors? It all starts at 7pm EST tonight!

2013 is drawing itself into time's little black hole and it was indeed another interesting year in the world of horror. Join Rhonda and Eric tonight at 7pm EST as they discuss some of their favs!

This past October marked the 75th anniversary of the original radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. Join us this week as we play this classic story, starring the incomparable Orson Wells, on a special 90 minute edition of DBHR.

It's the end of The Madness. Join Rhonda and Eric this Sunday at 7pm EST. as they discuss some of the gems(and turds) they discovered during the month-long visual endurance horror test. Join us by calling 1-877-552-4073

It's the week of Halloween! Kick it off this Sunday night with an unusual "Lunch at the Gotham Cafe" narrated by the legendary Stephen King. Plus, remakes to the left of us, remakes to the right. What did Rhonda think of Carrie? What did... more

35 years ago, Michael Myers came home. This Sunday, he comes to DBHR as Rhonda and Eric celebrate the legacy of the original Halloween. Plus, we will rebroadcast Rhonda's first solo interview as she talks to Ed Long and Damien... more

It's a horror debate for the ages this Sunday on DBHR. Join Eric, Rhonda, and special guests Dr. Terror James Harris and Head Hauntress Elizabeth Gray as they discuss the infamous Video Nasties list. Plus, it's the first solo interview for... more

It's finally here!!! The biggest event in the history of Internet competition is about to begin! Join Rhonda, Eric, and special guest Head Hauntress Mrs. Elizabeth Gray tonight at 7pm EST as they discuss the rules of this year's... more

If you love your killers short, wisecracking, and made of plastic, you'll enjoy our next episode of DBHR as Rhonda and Eric celebrate the world of Chucky and the Child's Play movies. Plus, author DA Roberts(Ragnarok Rising) will join us at... more

It's a tribute to the late, great Karen Black this week on DBHR. Join Rhonda and Eric as they honor one of horror's greatest female icons of all-time. Plus, they discuss the top ten greatest horror villians and play some awesome... more
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