A Lady Exorcist

Erica Joseph Shepherd


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The Gift of God's Revelatory presence during Deliverance, Exorcisms, Inner-healing and Healing Ministry "YADA" Knowing, Posterity Deliverance

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No If's for Believer's, Faith and Prayer Works Deliverance the Miracle Ministry Integrated Healing Prayer Model YADA the Gift of "Knowing, The Gift of Discerning of Spirits Exorcism, Healing, Inner-Healing, Deliverance www.ericajosephshepherdministries.com 1-877-795-7110
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God needs you! The Integrated Healing Prayer Model will give you a fresh vision of your self and your anointing. God wants you to have a fresh move of "His Holy Spirit" All you have to do is learn how to cooperate with the Lord , and you will... more

Many Born-again Christian believers seem to feel like they don't need Prayer Ministry. However many spirit-filled Christians are not walking in the freedom and power they seek and they intuitively know it's possible because the Bible says... more

It's time for you to receive The Miracle of Deliverance! So that you can experience more of the presence,the power, peace and fullness of God. You can have this Today; when the power of sin and Satan is broken off your Soul and Body,... more

This message is for Believers! I know that you Believe God, I know that you know that God is a Spirit, The Bible is a Spiritual Book, understoody through God's Holy Spirit. I know that you know that Satan is a Spirit, Demons are Spirits that... more

I have been questioned a lot lately as to how long or how much time will it take in order to receive spiritual freedom through the Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry? spiritual bondage can be broken off your life. You can be healed in your... more

A fellow deliverance minister unknown to me at the time. Under spiritual demonic attack from a wizard and believing that he had enough power and knowledge to free himself from this wizard suffered severe damage from this wizard through... more

Testimony of 18 year old KJ a young man's Deliverance from the torment of hell on earth. Cursed by a witch that was angry with his mom. Listen and you be the judge and the witness to the Power of God to transform a life.

Reconnect To Jesus, Reintegrate to God so that Jesus can Optimize you! Spiritual Empowerment is available for you when you become restored, reconnected to Jesus, Reintegrated and Reconciled to God. Yes this is possible... more

Be Healed or Be Whole? There is a difference Prophetess, Havalone Kirkland was led of the Lord to ask this question by the Lord Jesus Christ. Hidden Things of darkness will prevent you from being healed. Jesus wants to Optimize you!
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