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God bless you and thank you so much for visiting The NUGGETS FOR DELIVERANCE blog talk page. You are invited to listen to Nuggets For Deliverance,hosted by Selena Mosley. Nuggets For Deliverance is an outreach of Equipping For Change Ministries founded by Minister Selena Mosley, who is a mother and grandmother and also one who at one time identified as a lesbian. She is now walking in freedom from homosexuality and seeking to fulfill God's call on her life to help others who desire, to experience freedom from homosexuality and other habitual sins. Please feel free to drop by the page 24/7 and listen to the archives. You can listen to the live broadcast every other Friday, just check the page for the dates and times. Nuggets For Deliverance is created to provide encouragement and to dig out nuggets from God's Word to help those who desire to experience freedom from homosexuality.

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We will continue to talk about how we allow the giants in our life and particularly the giant of homosexual desires to block us from entering into our promise land of salvation, deliverance, healing and prosperity in every area of our lives. We must... more

We will continue to look at what keeps us from walking into the land of salvation,healing and deliverance. Even as the people of Israel were given a land flowing with milk and honey, those who believe on Jesus Christ have been... more

God gave Israel a land flowing with milk and honey and He told them to go up and take the land. They became discourged and afraid when they reached the promised land. They concided that the land was flowing with milk and honey but... more

I am reedeemed from the hand of the enemy! Do you feel trapped by homosexuality or some other sin? Have no fear, you have been redeemed from his hand. Psalm 106:10 and Psalm 107:2 Please use the link below, there is a... more

1 John tells us that we are overcomers in Chirst Jesus all those who believe in the Christ Jesus has overcome the world and this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith.

A Nugget For Deliverance is created to help us gain revelation of who we are in Christ Jesus. This podcast is designed to help those who once identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender to come into agreement with who God says... more

You are more than an conqueror!

I am the light of the World.

"Ye Are The Light of The World"

  • by Selena
"Ye Are The Light of The World" Matthew 5:14-16 INTRODUCTION - I. This is our Lord's description of the Christian life and influence. A. Darkness and night represent error, sin, unrighteousness. B. Light and day represent righteousness,... more

I am the Salt of the earth. Matthew 5:13
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