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Welcome...to my house..which is full of poetry,music and love..have a seat and sit a spell.. Each week I bring to the beautiful people very special features... I think you will enjoy and have a good time..I welcome you and send you wishes of peace and paradise...

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This episode is full of great promise...Just watch and see....I welcome 3 great artists to the show...Join us... Tommy Bottoms is proving himself to be one of the most prolific spoken word artists of our time. His brilliant word play,... more

What a lovely episode I have in store for you all....I give to you Tantra Zawadi and Josh milan...members of the collective-Honeycomb Music! "A work of love — what Tantra-zawadi makes — what she achieves through her... more

I am so very pleased to feature TWO wonderful artists who will most certainly spark your souls...The muti gifted Tai Allen and ABYSS join me this episode to chat about poetry,music and their latest projects!!!!!!! See ya at the... more

Happy New Year! What better way to set off the new year than to have the one and ONLY Mack Diva set my house on fire!!!!!! Please join us as we sit a spell and chat about life,art and soul.... Eclectic artist, songwriter, known as... more

Beautiful ones..I am delighted to welcome my beloved mentor back on my last show of 2013! I could not think of a better way to wrap of the year than to celebrate the artisty and humanity of the one known as Tshombe Sekou..It is no... more

I am so pleased to have them back.....oh yes I am.... With the release of Wonder Love 2 now here Water Seed has Leaked the 'Buzz' Single "Vent", garnering strong reviews and creating additional anticipation for the new release. A love... more

She is back....I adore her so I just had to invite her back to my show...Dig.. "..listening to Julie Dexter is like falling in love.." "Sensational yet subtle. A singer to die for who creates an urgent need for superlatives yet to be invented."... more

YE! This week I have TWO supa fly Bay Area artists arriving at my house! Tim Toaster Henderson and Carla Lawson are comming thru to ignite your poetic fire! You ready? Get ready! See ya at the show!

I am so pleased...She rarely interviews...But I got her..it's been a minute so we have much to catch up on...Come by and enjpy the wonderful wisdom and artistitry of my dear friend..Lyrical Toye...Open Mic to follow the feature.. After... more

Let us celebrate! My Bday show is always bangin..This year it is a DOUBLE celebration asit is also my Featured guest's Bday as well! Lets get it in... Writer, Poet, Spoken Word Artist D'dra White is the breath of fresh air you didn't know... more
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