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Welcome...to my house..which is full of poetry,music and love..have a seat and sit a spell.. Each week I bring to the beautiful people very special features... I think you will enjoy and have a good time..I welcome you and send you wishes of peace and paradise...

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Well well well..it is indeed National Poetry Month...If I never brought ya dope artists ever again this show would certainly be more than enough..I give to you two wonderful Artists who are far more than just "Poets"..Sunni Patterson and... more

So we are kicking off National Poetry Month with TWO stellar artists!!!!!!!! Andrew Tyree and John Lacarbiere III join me for a little sit down...Come by and celebrate the wonderful artisty the both of them lend to our beloved craft...See ya at the... more

Beautiful ones please join us for an oh so art filled episode featuring the beautifully gifted Floacist and The Wah Wah Collective...I promise you shall NOT be dissapointed...

Beautiful ones..it is soooooooo my extreme pleasure to welcome one of my long time,all time fave artists...I give to you all..Phonte..I am thrilled to have him and he is waiting for your questions!!!!! Please submit your dope question IN... more

Beautiful ones..this episode is very VERY close to my heart as I have been Vegan sonce 2010...My special guest is John Lewis AKA Bad Ass Vegan.. I wanted to do a public service by offering his expertise,wisdom and beautiful spirit to you... more

So I simply adore comming across the kindred cosmic ones..as feel we are linked together by a universal yet invisible thread...That is exactly How I feel about this episode's guest..Billy Tuggle... Billy Tuggle is a South Side Chicago native; a... more

Beautiful ones..it is high time I had a good news show..in a world full of blues I wanted to have an episode that was all GOOD NEWS!!! Ya'll know how it works..I have done it before...Lets spread a little sunshine..and yep..who better to light... more

Well shyt howdy...I got serious feminine energy comming thru....The beautifully gifted Dani Cook and Janet Dawson arrive this Sunday...see ya at that show...Poetry is love...Love is poetry..u can quote me...

Beautiful ones...I am so pleased to feature two Bay Area artists who will quite simply Blow your mind...I promise...

Spoken word artist,Poet,Rock singer,Comedian,Host,avid runner,Bow tie designer,Dog lover,friend,mother... And thats the SHORT list ya dig? The amazing Queen Sheba makes a return visit to my house..You ready? get ready..She aint... more
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