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Welcome...to my house..which is full of poetry,music and love..have a seat and sit a spell.. Each week I bring to the beautiful people very special features... I think you will enjoy and have a good time..I welcome you and send you wishes of peace and paradise...

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In prep for National Poetry month,I decided to get to some poetry features ahead of time.. So why not simply get it in with a poet for the people???? I give to you all...Honest Abe... Please join us for a candid chat and yes we just may have a... more

It has been a minute since they slid thru but alas...now you can show how much you love and missed them yes???? Yes!!!!!!! This show shall be full of love and light...I promise... Pulling Reggae apart and putting it back together again with a... more

Listen...she is just enchanting...so good I had to invite her back...uh huh..I sure did...Join us this sunday for some tea and soul sangin... Rhonda Thomas was a featured soloist and background vocalist for Isaac Hayes for 11 years before his... more

There are some artists who are just rooted in your soul..who make no bullshyt excuses.....who just get right down to it...Wil Gibson is THAT artist... I promise.. Wil Gibson was born from a good idea and a bottle of bourbon. He was... more

YAAAAAAAAS! I am over the moon in love with his talent...you will be too..I promise..Love,Epiphany It's a rarity for the world to experience artistry that is so genuine, so heartfelt...so captivating. Welcome to the world of singer/songwriter,... more

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...As you know I do my very best to reach out and grab the dopest Indie artists for ya'll...so...here....catch...See ya at the show on Sunday..Love,E Qua (Kway) L'amar known to some as former lead singer of... more

Heeeeeeey! It is that time...you know..THAT time..where we sit a spell and get down to the buissiness of POETRY!!!!! WE will see ya then...no CP TIME...Love,E and R

So Ok...I love me some him...I dig his vibe..his content,his wit and his spit..He is magical..Wait and see..and honestly ..you can ask him anything..he aint scurred...I Promise.. Preach Jacobs is an emcee and journalist from Columbia, SC.... more

I love love love finding wonderful artists to share with you all!!! Teri Tobin is a treasure..I promise you..please join us as we sit a spell and chew a bit...see ya at the show..Love,Epiphany There are layers to award-winning, soul... more

In the spirit of celebrating the arts we thought it would be cool to have a little sit down and discuss some of our faves from 2014 and really of all time! Soultalk joins me for some discussion about music,film,pop culture etc...Trust me..we... more
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