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Envita Reviews Teri's Lyme Story

  • Broadcast in Health



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was first diagnosed with Strep Throat 4 years ago;  the antibiotics  depleted the good bacteria in my GI system resulting in C-Difficile. I was never the same after that, experiencing extreme fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, lack of focus and concentration, disorientation, blurry vision, red swollen eyes, respiratory challenges, shallow breathing, weakness, GI pain, neck pain, neck creaks, jaw pain, slow healing from urgery, sore throat and cough, insomnia, hair loss, mood swings, irritability, increased allergies and sensitivities.I went to my family doctor on numerous occasions to try and resolve why I was experiencing these symptoms.  She gave me numerous tests including x-rays, ultrasounds and copious blood tests and sent me to specialists to test for things such as Crohn's disease, Celiac, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Fybromyalgia, etc. which all came back negative. She then wanted to prescribe anti-depressants so that I could 'live' with the Chronic Fatigue. I said I didn't want to 'live' like this - with no quality of life, I wanted my old life back with energy and vitality! At this point I was only able to go to and from work and then I would collapse in bed at night to conserve energy for the next day. I was referred to Envita had tests done and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and heavy metals toxicity and I came for treatment. I immediately saw results but it's taken a year to rebuild my strength and feel like myself again.  Thanks to Envita, I'm slowly regaining my former active life, including dancing, and most of the symptoms from Lyme have disappeared.