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ENVISION THIS: By embracing our interconnectedness with all being on earth, we can change the world. Charles Eisenstein is one of the seminal and pioneering storytellers of the new world. He explains how ?fully embracing and practicing the principle of interconnectedness? will help us transcend our planetary crisis and have a positive influence on the world.. His latest book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, serves as an empowering antidote to the cynicism, frustration, paralysis, and overwhelm so many of us are feeling. Charles reminds us that we are all connected, and our small, personal choices bear unsuspected transformational power. Charles reveals how our culture's guiding narrative of separation has generated our current crises. He shows us how we can change that narrative by telling the real-life stories of courage, kindness, and self-trust. He brings to conscious awareness a deep wisdom we all innately know: ?Until we get selves in order, any action we take—no matter how good our intentions—will ultimately be wrongheaded and wronghearted.? Joanna Macy, author of Active Hope says that he offers us ?a rich feast for mind and heart.? Vicki Robin, author of Your Money or Your Life says, ?He isn't just describing a possible world. He is helping us find our way to it.? We are deeply honored to have this visionary guest with us to discuss how we can become more effective agents of change and have a stronger positive influence on the world. PS: We have a copy of the book for the first person to call in during this live episode(646-652-2235).
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