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ENVISION THIS: Reaching out to young people to inspire them to read, write, and create. Debbie Hilbish is with us to share her vision, passion and mission to inspire students to read, write and create. She reaches out to as many people as possible to share what they do at Student Author Visits, Inc. (SAVI) founded by Larry James, a 70+ great grandfather, artist, writer of music and author of children's books. Debbie became Chairperson and Secretary at SAVI after retiring from a career with the United States Post Office, publishing books of her poetry, and hosting eight-week authors' fairs at The Reader's Oasis book store in Quartzsite AZ. SAVI started because ?America's economy began to fail in 2007 and millions of citizens are still struggling, plus the fact that the income disparity gap in our country has widened every year for at least the last twenty years has brought us to the point where it's impossible for many parents to purchase books for their children.? It is a free program provided to elementary fourth grade classes and boys and girls clubs in selected areas. At the beginning of each visit, Larry introduces himself and thanks the students for inviting him. He reads the first chapter of one of the chapter books he has written and illustrated. The children than get to listen to one of the age appropriate songs on our music cd. The question and answer segment is next. Children ask good questions like: How do you write, illustrate, or publish a book? The program usually last about an hour. At the end of our visit each student receives a FREE SAVI PACK which consists of: 1 copy of the signed chapter book, 1 CD with 8 (eight) age appropriate songs, and a BOOKWORM BUDDY BUTTON. Please see Sophia's Web, by your co-hosts, Burl and Merry, at www.envisionthismedia.com
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