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ENVISION THIS: A passionate call to heal the wounded nature of humanity and the earth is vital at this critical evolutionary moment in human history. Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature is now available to all readers. Burl and Merry Hall are inviting YOU to participate in getting the word out. by calling 646-652-2235. Wednesday, May 27 between 7 and 8 PM EDT. Sophia's Web takes the reader deep into the heart of divine Wisdom. It encourages us to discover how we can co-create individual, planetary and universal health. It weaves together the Wisdom of worldwide religions, science, philosophy and myths, both ancient and modern, revealing how they relate to our lives and culture. Learn more and order Sophia's Web: www.envisionthismedia.com/sophia-s-web If you haven't yet read Sophia's Web, here are some quotations you can talk about: ?Each human being is one among many diverse manifestations of God/Nature.? ?We who live today have the opportunity to tear down the Berlin Wall separating us from Nature and one another.? ?The world we live in, for all her imperfections and contradictions, is our uni-versity? ?We need a paradigm shift from Scarcity which necessitates violence to Abundance that invites peace.? ?Our choice in this day and age is to divide and conquer or to unite and prosper.?
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ENVISION THIS: Merging physics, metaphysics, theology, philosophy, and consciousness into a big picture of reality Our guest, NASA physicist, Tom Campbell, has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind,... more

Our visionary guests are author F. David Peat and filmmaker Paul Howard. Peat has authored twenty books on popular science with topics ranging from synchronicity, to chaos theory, to the life of David Bohm. Howard is a... more

ENVISION THIS: Living in a community that shares the goals of self-sufficiency, healthy living, mutual respect, individual responsibility, and personal growth Ivan Stein is spokesman for the PROJECT TRI-STAR COMMUNITY whose... more

ENVISION THIS: Collapse is the inevitable consequence of our attempt to achieve infinite material growth on a finite planet Carolyn Baker writes ?with unrestrained passion and urgency? about the need for mindful preparation for the chaos of... more

ENVISION THIS: Music helps us cure our culture's sickness Doug Hendren adds to our legacy of protest music, one of the most memorable parts of our efforts to reform our culture. When Doug decided to retire his medical scalpel, he picked... more

ENVISION THIS: Making a commitment to end all war and create a sustainable and just peace "I understand that wars and militarism make us less safe rather than protect us, that they kill, injure and traumatize adults, children and infants,... more

ENVISION THIS: A culture in which physical craftsmanship, psychological health, and spiritual awareness go hand-in-hand Ross Laird is a consultant, teacher, writer and creative artist. Merry fell in love with his deft joining of creative... more

ENVISION THIS: A system of governance that enables mass collaboration, human rights, and local sovereignty. Heather Marsh is a political theorist and a human rights and internet activist. She is the author of BINDING CHAOS, a... more

ENVISION THIS: A world in which science and only science no longer provides all the answers to everything Craig Weiler, author of TED, WIKIPEDIA, AND THE BATTLE FOR THE INTERNET, is a psychic and Parapsychology Journalist who... more

Don Oscar Mireo-Quesada shares the wisdom of a Peruvian Shaman interculturally with us and through The Heart of the Healer Foundation. Don Oscar is an internationally acclaimed shamanic teacher, healer and earth honoring... more
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