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ENVISION THIS: Rooftop fruit and vegetable gardens in low-income neighborhoods Chelle Hennessey would like to see a garden on every rooftop in every low-income neighborhood so that this population can have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. She has developed a passion for creating health and wellness programs that are essentially an expansion on the idea of community gardens. She also offers a program to businesses that would like to benefit their employees: ?This program has many unmeasurable benefits, including increased loyalty to the company and fewer sick days taken.? Chelle is a certified In.Form holistic health coach, distributor, and executive assistant for Nature's Sunshine, an herbal supplement line that is holistic in nature, and also offers weight loss, weight management and supplements for almost any diagnosis out there. She especially assists during consultations with clients with gut issues, something she has a lot of experience with. Chelle is the author of a short pamphlet, How I Beat Crohn's Disease, available at Amazon.com. ?I was one of the people who were diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and I have beat it with diet, stress relieving activities and being open minded to new methods of treating the disease.? Feel free to contact Chelle at 407-325-0204 or just go to her website at chellehennessey.mynsp.com Your hosts, Burl and Merry Hall, offer their book, Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature, at their website envisionthismedia.com and through Amazon.com
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ENVISION THIS: You can promote literacy, character building, and your business all in one move by sponsoring "Books for Kids" right in your neighborhood. Our guest, Dapo Akers is author of Robin From the Hood. He is one of the authors... more

ENVISION THIS: African vodun is universal to all of humankind in its spiritual and psychological benefits. Mami Wata has a mission is to educate those interested in authentic African Vodun and to help dispel the myths associated with it as well... more

ENVISION THIS: We posses the power to self-heal both emotional and physical ailments Vanaja Ananda is an author who has integrated her passion for education and healing into an incredible program that allows people to self heal... more

ENVISION THIS: The beating heart of Terra Nova is the sacred alliance of all living beings. ?All beings are organs within the body of the great family of life,? writes Dieter Duhm in his book, Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the... more

ENVISION THIS: The one hope for the future lies in Sacred Activism – the fusion of the deepest spiritual knowledge and passion with clear, wise, radical action in all the arenas of the world, inner and outer. We are honored to host... more

ENVISION THIS: A new frontier in personal and planetary transformation Dr. Aurora Ariel brings her dynamic vision to our present planetary equation in landmark discoveries from years of pioneering work in the psyche, a life altering... more

ENVISION THIS: Reaching out to young people to inspire them to read, write, and create. Debbie Hilbish is with us to share her vision, passion and mission to inspire students to read, write and create. She reaches out to as many people... more

ENVISION THIS: Viable and just alternatives for meeting our economic and social needs, including worker power, community resilience, self-help and solidarity, through worker owned cooperatives. David Morgan works to promote... more

ENVISION THIS: ?Though outwardly our bodies are dying, inwardly our spirits are being renewed every day.? (Epigraph from II Corinthians in one of Elaine's New Poems) After the life-altering experience of the loss of Francis, her spouse,... more

ENVISION THIS: You need never again look at death with fear and anxiety Uma Girish teaches that we can transform the darkest moments of our lives into our purpose for living. Uma is a Grief Guide, Certified Dream Coach and... more
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