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ENVISION THIS: Water managed locally for the good of the community, not diverted for corporate profit and big agribusiness Our guest, Judith Jubb, represents METEMPYRION FOUNDATION, a nonprofit philanthropy sharing ideas about cooperation with the environment. "For over 20 years many of our programs have extended to the greater community. The Board elected to look into a request from a Water Clan member of the Hopi People in northern Arizona in2005. The regional draught has continued into the present and water is no longer available to plant food for people or raise livestock. This is our first venture into locating a subterranean water source adequate for a large group of people. For the Hopi Well Project, we have relied on experts in the fields of locating and drilling water wells. The project evolved into the most complex and time consuming project we have ever endeavored. The role of Metempyrion has been as Cultural Liaison and Fundraiser. A professional water dowser took up the position of HWP Chairman and coordinated his partners with local drillers and water dowsers familiar with Arizona ecology. Many volunteers have come forward with skills and time for which we are very grateful. We wish to thank our funders and workers for your investment and interest in this shared vision. This project can not be completed without your support. There is always more to do to make a better world for everyone." http://www.hopiwellproject.org Your hosts, Burl and Merry Hall are announcing an upcoming book: www.indiegogo.com/projects/sophia-s-web-a-passionate-call-to-heal-our-nature
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ENVISION THIS: A more resilient, just, and Earth-friendly future At this round-table, participants will share visions for a more resilient, just, abundant, and Earth-friendly future and suggest social permaculture-based steps to get from... more

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