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ENVISION THIS...Coaching that helps you clear yourself of the limiting beliefs and unconscious emotions that sabotage your life, so that you can fully realize who you are and help others do the same. Our Guest, Michael Wolff, invites... more

ENVISION THIS... A jointly owned, democratically controlled enterprise, in which people unite voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations. Our guest is Jane Livingston, a member of Cooperative... more

ENVISION THIS...Finding Peace and Inner Wisdom in these Challenging Transformational Times. Our guest, Lisa Vunk, is a Spiritual Awakening Facilitator. She acknowledges that we live in chaotic and destructive times, with the ?End... more

ENVISION THIS...The fulfillment in December 2012 of two ancient prophesies from opposite sides of the globe. Kymberlee Ruff has been commissioned by a Tibetan leader, Venerable Bhaku Tulku Rinpoche, and a Hopi elder,... more

ENVISION THIS... Participating in the next chapter of our human evolution, the conscious evolution. Chris Tazreiter of Canberra, Australia and his wife, Karen, work as coaches, mentors and speakers to people all around the world through... more

ENVISION THIS...journeying toward conscientious living through nutrition and sustainability. Our guests, Lisa Marie and Jim Lindenschmidt, love to share this journey their family is taking. Witness their websites: Rite Food & Company,... more

ENVISION THIS...Leaders who are BOTH lovers of nature AND successful in business! RP (Bob) Siegel, author, inventor, engineer, and founder of Rain Mountain LLC not only envisions but also embodies this. We encountered him... more

ENVISION THIS...An environmentally sustainable economy that promotes human health, safer chemicals, good jobs, healthy communities, and social justice for all. Our guest is Amanda Sears of the Environmental Health Strategy Center. They... more

ENVISION THIS...A public that actually sees, acknowledges, and addresses the FEAR and DENIAL obscuring the urgent need to envision a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future. In round-table with several former guests, we will... more

ENVISION THIS...a new language that helps us to go soul first into the future, instead of mind first, as we have been doing throughout the age that is now passing. Our guest today is Paul Rosenberg (gosoulfirst.com), an award-winning... more
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