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Connecting listeners to visionaries of a more resilient, thriving, and Earth-friendly future.

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ENVISIONS THIS: Helping people to shift from reactive to preventive healthcare by making holistic practices to improve physical, psychological, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health part of their daily life. We welcome back Darryl... more
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ENVISIONS THIS: Helping people's brains to heal themselves. We welcome Lynette Louise, author of The WingMaker, healer, and counselor of families dealing with members on the Autism spectrum or other debilitating childhood... more

ENVISION THIS: True community available to all those who seek it Our guest, Laird Schaub, publisher of Communities magazine, member of the community at Sandhill Farm, and a group process consultant, introduces himself this way:... more

Our guests, Stacey Murphy and Janell Kapoor, hosted the WHOLE EARTH SUMMIT online in March. For three days, global luminaries discussed their visions for the future of food, water, community, regenerative design, and social... more

ENVISION THIS: Healing the split between the outer and inner worlds Dr. Remo Roth, author of RETURN OF THE WORLD SOUL, is a researcher in the field of the psychophysical reality behind the split into the outer world of physics and... more

ENVISION THIS: An edible urban forest garden that inspires the community to gather together, grow their own food, and rehabilitate their local ecosystem Our guest, Melanie Coerver, of Beacon Food Forest in Seattle, has joined with her... more

ENVISION THIS: Walking the talk of solving the planetary climate crisis Billy Rixon of Freeport, Maine, is dedicated to ending our dependence on fossil fuels and building a healthy, sustainable life for people and the planet. In a letter... more

ENVISION THIS: Merging physics, metaphysics, theology, philosophy, and consciousness into a big picture of reality Our guest, NASA physicist, Tom Campbell, has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind,... more

Our visionary guests are author F. David Peat and filmmaker Paul Howard. Peat has authored twenty books on popular science with topics ranging from synchronicity, to chaos theory, to the life of David Bohm. Howard is a... more

ENVISION THIS: Living in a community that shares the goals of self-sufficiency, healthy living, mutual respect, individual responsibility, and personal growth Ivan Stein is spokesman for the PROJECT TRI-STAR COMMUNITY whose... more
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