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ENVISION THIS: The entire biosphere is a symphony that we must not silence Dr. Michael Charles Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison are world-renowned ecological philosophers and activists, interdisciplinary social and environmental scientists and broad-ranging, deeply committed humanists. One of their foremost concerns is the 'anthropology of conscience,' which emphasizes humanity's capacity for non-violence, compassion, and tolerance. They are strong advocates for animal rights. Their book, The Metaphysics of Protection, is a lyrical paean to the Earth and the complex roots of her current biological crisis. It focuses on the underpinnings of the human condition and the prospects for a viable future for all sentient beings. Michael and Jane have been married for more than a quarter-of-a-century. Their field research across the disciplines of comparative literature, anthropology, the history of science and philosophy, ecology and ethics, in over 80 countries, has served as a telling example of what two people – deeply in love with one another – can accomplish in spreading that same unconditional love to others – of all species. Between them, they have authored some 50 books and written, directed and produced some 170 films, a prolific body of work that has been read, translated and/or broadcast around the world.
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