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ENVISION THIS: Entering a new multi-dimensional reality that our Mother Earth and Humanity entered on December 21, 2012.

Our guest, Alia Chandler is eager to share with us “resources to help you expand your conscious awareness into those higher dimensions that you thought were 'off-limits' to you. In reality they have always been available to anyone who was willing and able to step through the 'veil of illusion' that keeps the 3rd dimension cordoned off and separate from the others. However, stepping through that veil is no easy feat and until this present time has required much study, contemplation and a life (or many lifetimes) of great personal discipline and sacrifice. No longer — as of December 21, 2012, we have entered a New Age, a more flexible reality, a larger, freer, more exciting playing field. And along with all the excitement and expansion comes a new set of guidelines or “rules of the game”...We are co-creators, joining with others from around our world who share similar visions and have begun to practice these new skill sets. Each of our individual contributions is magnified and augmented, increasing the speed with which our co-creations are manifesting planet wide. The time interval between imagination and realization of our visions is decreasing rapidly. We are accelerating toward a point of 'instant manifestation,' a 5th dimensional skill.”

Alia will discuss how to develop our new skills TOGETHER – to learn, share and grow in mastery to bring forth a peaceful, harmonious, loving and abundant world.