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    What Can Congress Do To Prepare For Sea Level Rise?

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    In this podcast, we explore several of the many opportunities Congress can focus on to help America adapt to rising seas. 
    What help will Washington give to home and business owners who face costly adaptation and, in some cases, retreat measures, through no fault of their own?
    Is the nation's public health system ready for treatment of mental health concerns as established neighborhoods change?
    Can the U.S. Department of Agriculture promote the use of raised fields in vulnerable areas?
    How will Washington deal with adverse credit scores by people who must choose between paying their mortgages and saving to move away from flooded zones?
    How will the U.S. Small Business Administration handle intruding waters?
    Will forced place insurance in mortgages become a national problem as traditional insurers decline to write coverages?
    How will the tax code deal with the insistent oceans?
    How many jobs can be created by responsible sea level rise adaptation programs?
    Host Mitch Chester discusses these topics and more. 
    For more information, visit www.SLRAmerica.org, www.SLRSouthFlorida.com, www.RaisingFields.org and www.SeaLevelRiseRadio.com. 

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    Climate Change: Hope, Urgency and Action

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    John Gibson of Sustainable Indiana 2016 and Jim Poyser, Executive Director at Earth Charter Indiana, share their experiences and observations about climate change and how Hoosiers can make a difference.

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    Long Island Septic Systems, Illegal Dumping and Government.

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     Long Island Septic Systems, Illegal Dumping and Government is about all the "Do Gooders" who think they know what is going on with Septic Systems and never owned a Septic Company. This will be "Right from the hip" about Long Island, It's Massive Illegal Dumping problem, The lack of Advanced Treatment Septic Systems ( Not talking about Sewer Treatment Plants) and some "E" Group people who make money off Illegal Dumping. !

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    Cristina Da Silva Ground Chat

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    Cristiana Da Silva founder of Ground Chat Joins us to talk how that came about and her thoughts on gardening if we are lucky we will get her to bring a eary Spring.

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    Whats going on in our Skys

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    It’s starting to look more and more like UFO’s are highly involved with chemtrail dispersion in our skies, I’ve seen the planes vanish into thin air after morphing in a ball of light for a second or two. They vanish and reappear, they change color and shape and many of them look like a plain white cardboard cut-out – flat with no detail whatsoever.
    In other words, it appears there’s a whole lot more than meets the eye to the chemtrail problem…mystery?! Things are getting very bizarre…or maybe they’ve always been this way and the internet is just now exposing it.

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    EcoAlert with Nadine Patrice

    in Environment

    Environmental news and views of Haiti, the Caribbean and South Florida. The show is produced by the MediaMojoGuy.

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    Due to schedule constraints and immense work load, the Brummet's are taking a hiatus from hosting and producing this radio show for a short term. They will be back as soon as they can.

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    Breaking Our Oil Addictio -The Ride The Future Tour wrap up

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     Unfortunately, Susan Jones was unable to join us last week, but will be here with her crew on this episode. Susan's team, as you recall, made an attempt to drive virtually every type of electric vehicle, from bikes, to scttoers, to cars, across the USA. Listen in to  see how their Guinness World Record attempt endded up.
    Breaking our oil addiction is essential for the economic, environmental and energy security of America. Listen and learn as we interview the leaders of the alternative fuels world and Program Coordinators for the US Dept of Energy Clean Cities program on every emerging technology in alternative fuels. Show Topics include:
    Advanced Transportation Technologies Electric Vehicles/Hybrids Renewable Fuels Natural Gas Propane Hydrogen ...and more.
    We have choices to petroleum. Listen here to learn what they are.  

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    A Focus on Diversity in American Birding

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    Flisa talks with Dave Magpiong, founder of the Fledging Birders Institute and host of the Focus on Diversity III conference in McAllen, TX. This third conference continues to help change the face of American Birding by promoting effective outreach to more diverse audiences, sharing the great utdoors together, and encouraging a strong conservation ethic. To learn more visit:  www.fledgingbirders.org

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    GREEN T HOUR "Bad Food, Bad Policy and a Redneck Ministry"

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    The Green T Hour focuses on sustainable energy, political disfunction & satire, environmental news, social and financial topics, hollywood icons and sustainable living applied in real life situations. The show is focused on the common man with a dual personality, half science and reasoning and half redneck justice. Features fabulous professional guests that give personal perspectives on various subjects including sustainable living, renewable energy, economics, social & political impact, personal experiences, media entertainment, sustainable living and much more.<br />
    The Green T Hour is "A place where science and rednecks collide!" The Green T Hour is sponsored by Toboa Energy Resources LLC a renewable energy company with focus on private and commercial sustainability resources through the application of wind, solar, alternative fuels, lifestyles and unique energy products. Toboa Energy’s goal is to help others by empowering the right of life, liberty, and self determination through self reliance, personal sustainability and economic awareness. Visit Toboa Energy's BLOG for more insite and colorful articles.

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    animals vs people

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     How would you compare animals to people? Who should really be "on top"?  this question and a few similar ones will be answered in this episode! You will also get a sneak peak of the next show!