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    George Marshall

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    The Challenges of Refugees and Immigrants in U.S

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    You guest today is Ka Lp a PHD student in clinical psychology,

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    Earth Day: Let There Be Peace in the Water

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    Host Eleyne-Mari hosts a special Earth Day celebration of music and meditation.

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    Geoengineering California with Matthew and Sara

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    Our goal is to help spread awareness about Climate Engineering, and its effect on our environment. By focusing on the facts, as we know them, we can provide a useful tool for people trying to understand the issue. This subject, by its very nature, attracts a lot of conjecture, and that can be very counterproductive in trying to spread awareness. Facts and hard evidence in the absence of speculation, however, can be very powerful.
    Facebook group: Geoengineering California

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    Featuring John McMillan, Head Scientist of TU's Wild Steelhead Initiative

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    Tune In with Mark Taylor and Becky Jensen featuring John McMillan, Head Scientist of TU's Wild Steelhead Initiative

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    Green Love Talk with Christina Stevens about LOVE: THE SAINT AND THE SEEKER

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    This journey to LOVE: THE SAINT AND THE SEEKER began in 1992 at the Rio+20 Summit.
    "As l learned more about the environment and the health of the planet, I got more active. In June 2012, I was part of a 40,000 person delegation of parliamentarians, mayors, UN officials, CEO’s and civil society leaders, more than 50 heads of state and close to 500 ministers for the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development. 700 commitments for $513 billion were pledged to build a sustainable future for the planet earth.
    While at the summit, I spoke of my search for a land that was doing it right; a sustainable global model. Many years earlier, I found myself called to the Kingdom of Bhutan. I feel in love with an ancient land of Kings and Queens, beloved by their people."
    Christina Stevens also serves on the Board of Directors of Ted Turner’s Captain Planet Foundation whose mission is to give the next generation of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live. Its unique program of funding and support of hands-on environmental projects is designed to encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and empower youth around the world as they work individually and collectively creating environmental solutions in their homes, schools and communities.
    Much like her journey to meet and film Mother Teresa, big dreams start small, such as being more green and adopting more sustainable practices in one’s life. Yet no change can come about without a vision. That vision needs passion to ignite it and action to bring it into reality. Sometimes merely focusing on an idea, thinking it through and sharing it gives it life, power and momentum.

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    What Can Congress Do To Prepare For Sea Level Rise?

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    In this podcast, we explore several of the many opportunities Congress can focus on to help America adapt to rising seas. 
    What help will Washington give to home and business owners who face costly adaptation and, in some cases, retreat measures, through no fault of their own?
    Is the nation's public health system ready for treatment of mental health concerns as established neighborhoods change?
    Can the U.S. Department of Agriculture promote the use of raised fields in vulnerable areas?
    How will Washington deal with adverse credit scores by people who must choose between paying their mortgages and saving to move away from flooded zones?
    How will the U.S. Small Business Administration handle intruding waters?
    Will forced place insurance in mortgages become a national problem as traditional insurers decline to write coverages?
    How will the tax code deal with the insistent oceans?
    How many jobs can be created by responsible sea level rise adaptation programs?
    Host Mitch Chester discusses these topics and more. 
    For more information, visit www.SLRAmerica.org, www.SLRSouthFlorida.com, www.RaisingFields.org and www.SeaLevelRiseRadio.com. 

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    Climate Change: Hope, Urgency and Action

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    John Gibson of Sustainable Indiana 2016 and Jim Poyser, Executive Director at Earth Charter Indiana, share their experiences and observations about climate change and how Hoosiers can make a difference.

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    Long Island Septic Systems, Illegal Dumping and Government.

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     Long Island Septic Systems, Illegal Dumping and Government is about all the "Do Gooders" who think they know what is going on with Septic Systems and never owned a Septic Company. This will be "Right from the hip" about Long Island, It's Massive Illegal Dumping problem, The lack of Advanced Treatment Septic Systems ( Not talking about Sewer Treatment Plants) and some "E" Group people who make money off Illegal Dumping. !

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    Cristina Da Silva Ground Chat

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    Cristiana Da Silva founder of Ground Chat Joins us to talk how that came about and her thoughts on gardening if we are lucky we will get her to bring a eary Spring.