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Great new stuff today folks. I'm on a roll and want to share. 


0:03 Dr. Jerry Lanier

Good morning out there all you entrepreneur dentists. Hopefully, you're having a good one. Your up early, you had your coffee and ready to go. This is Dr. Lanier and on the air, considered an entrepreneur dentist, if not by others then by myself. Hopefully, that's where your journey begins because it doesn't matter what someone else thinks because they gonna think a whole hell of a lot of things. It is all up to you and you can decide. That's one thing I love about being an entrepreneur dentist. There are a lot of things that require all kinds of advance degrees and accolades from this on and that one but to be an entrepreneur is something that you decide in your mind. I mean, it's not just saying, you actually have to do it. But once you make that decision ? it's not about degrees even though I've achieved quite a few of those. It's really just a mindset because there are entrepreneurs that don't even have high school education that are doing much better than I or you and will continue to do so because they have decided in their mind that they are true entrepreneurs and that's what it's all about. What is the entrepreneur? It's the person who decides that they're gonna take the journey and that journey is defined by them and it's just looking for opportunities and once you find an opportunity, is the willingness to commit. Not just a little bit but to commit wholeheartedly and go after it and the thing about it is a lot of times, especially that people around you may not understand.

2:11 Dr. Jerry Lanier

They might not understand why, how, or even what the journey is. You have to have it clearly defined in your mind why you're doing these things. What it is you want to achieve and how you're gonna go about it. Now, here's another thing to know about that. I don't want you to get all fret and say "well, I haven't clearly defined everything." You can't wait until everything is clear in your mind before you begin the journey. You actually have to do that thing ? I think the parable in the Bible goes that "We walk by faith and not by sight" and a lot of this is once you decide to go you know where you're trying to go, your actual destination but as I was saying on the last episode, a journey is not like a trip in that you know exactly what time, you know ? if you had to book a flight, you know what time you're gonna get there. You can already have someone at the airport to pick you up, where you're gonna stay. You know if it's one way, you have to change over in Dallas, you know how long you're gonna be there. So, for a lot of times on a journey, and I'll describe mine, the one that's going on right now, I'm on ? God! There's so many little things that are going on and you have to be able to juggle. Let me throw in a number real quick. The guest call-in number is 347 is the area cod 850-1263 again (347) 850-1263. You may call any time you would like and I'm gonna just keep talking. As the board lights up, I'll take some calls but as I was saying, multiple beings that are going along the journey right now and those are resistance that ? those are your own personal resistance.

4:13 Dr. Jerry Lanier

The push that let's you ? because it's all about overcoming, you know? Can you overcome and that ? let me write that over here. That something that ? I remember, not too long ago, in my Bible school, the minister talked about that and he talked about the messiah and how he was overcoming ? you got to overcome one thing after the next, after the next and that is a big thing. You gotta overcome all of these challenges and these resistance that are set out there for you and no one else, you know? You are ? it's set there for you, it's not set for anyone else so you have to ? you have to meet those with that mindset. Your mindset has to be that whatever comes my way, it's probably meant for me. It's meant for me in that it's a challenge or is a resistance so that it is gonna help me grow and therefore you don't get scared and run, turn tails and run home and you know ? "Mommy!" and of this. You meet it like ? like those muscle heads that go on the gym in the morning and they're pumping those big heavy weights. Try to develop some big biceps. They call it guns. If you want to develop your guns, you got to pump some weight, you got to meet some resistance and people get up early in the morning and hit the gym and start grabbing their own. I mean, this is their own personal resistance.

6:00 Dr. Jerry Lanier

They choose that. You choose to grab those 45s and doing curls, you know, and then (groaning) and then it's like, wow! You're pushing through those things and the only way you're gonna get those muscle to grow it that you hit them with some serious resistance and sometimes you work it to what they call failure to the point, you know, you grab those 45s, you get a few reps of those, you drop down. I think it's called drop sets and they work those muscle groups in drop sets. Now, when you can't do the 45s anymore, the trainer says drop those and he gives you the 30s. Now, you get a few in with the 30s, drop those and he gives you the 15s and you get a few more in it and now when you finished, your muscles are just trembling. I mean, you can't go anymore. It just ? the fall, you can't do it but once you go and like drink the protein or whatever ? I used to try a little bit of that, I don't do it anymore right now. I'm trying to get back to it but anyway, this is a way you get the muscles to grow. Now you met some serious resistance, you push to a point you can't even push anymore and now as a result, the muscles have build and they take in those protein and they start to swell and all that it is this muscle hypertrophy, right? So, that's what we want to do in our challenge along the journey as far as an entrepreneur. We want to have entrepreneurial hypertrophy. We want to meet such a resistance and to push until we know we're starting to grow. Now, you have to be selective though in the resistance. You have to know that this is resistance that is meant for you and that takes some thinking along the way because there are times when you wanna go around or you wanna go over and you wanna go under. You don't want to just to be fighting.

8:00 Dr. Jerry Lanier

Okay, I need to meet the resistance head on, you know? It's when you have no other choice, no other recourse, then you have to meet that resistance and go through it otherwise we're gonna do like one of those world-class running backs. Some of the better running backs in the NFL, they'll run over somebody but most of the time given a little chance to get daylight and go left, go right, they'll shake and bake, and they'll go around you so that they can keep gaining yardage and you know the thing? I don't watch a lot of football but if you know football, you know really. Every now and then they'd go for the long bomb but most of the time, they're running the ball on the ground and they're going for short yardage. If they can pick up first and ten, then they get a fresh new start every time. Only thing you need, you know, you pick up 10 yards, you got four plays to pick up 10 yards and you get a new clock or fresh start ? not a new clock because it's what I know ? anyway, life is like this. You want to able to meet your resistance, your challenges and to just continue growing. But, I wanted to get off on another subject this morning that was something that someone had asked me. It's "well, if you could start all over again, what would you do differently?" and I know exactly what it would be. I would set higher standards and I do have a chance to start all over again. So, tomorrow morning, I'm raising my standards some more and you always get a chance for a new beginning. You could sit back and cry crocodile tears about things that did not happen or went a certain way in the past but the past is gone and you really would be wise to let it stay gone.

10:03 Dr. Jerry Lanier

Just keep moving forward because you can't retrieve what's already bygone and it's bye-bye. So, for me, it's setting higher standards. I'm still reading a newer Michael Gerber book and he was saying that. He was asked a similar kind of question but his answer about ? well, it wasn't necessarily the same question but a similar question but he was saying that one of the things he'd like to do is to see higher standards and higher achievement but at his level of standards ? not that someone else because a lot of times, people will give you what they consider acceptable standards and it can't be that way. If you are the dreamer, you are the person that came up with the dream and you are the person who defined the vision, you can't allow someone else to tell you how the vision should look or what's in your dreams. Well, if my dream was in my head so how are you gonna define it? But people will take it over and start doing it for you and some of them with great intensions but you got to regain you own vision. It's only you that have your vision as you are the dreamer so if it's in your head and you're the one that dreamed it up. You're the dreamer, why not communicate what you have set as your standard from the dream that you have. The vision you have. Your really high standards and that's what's gonna set the tone for your company. Oh, god! She was saying this one and I love that. You said you are responsible and accountable to your dreams. You have to really nurture your dreams because there's nobody else that's gonna take care of it. It's like your baby.

12:00 Dr. Jerry Lanier

Who's gonna take care of it, if you just get up and leave your baby. You're responsible to the dream that has no one else that it can count on, depend on, except for you. Your dream is dependent upon you making it happen. I mean, if you abandon it, it's gone so you really have to nurture this dream and you have to communicate it to everybody that's working with you, around you, under you, whether it be if you were the CEO and you have a chief operating officer. If you have partners, if you have employees, you have associates, they have to know what the dream is and then you have to set the expectations and when you set expectations, that's a big one because, people will start to assume that even though you said that this is the expectation, I'm gonna kind of give you what I think it should be and with that you have to say "No, not acceptable." That's why the communication and me personally, I'm having to go back and starting Monday morning, God willing, I'll have a new beginning and there are some things for both my doctors and the staff that I have to meet with. I'm calling meetings now that it's back to school and the kids are back to school I need to start having these meeting and I need to communicate fully, clearly, and repeatedly my standards. Like I said, to ? I got to repeat them to myself. I have to repeat clearly my standards and expectations to my self and if I'm beating myself up with these things, then why the hell not at least give them to my staff and my doctors and say these are expectations and these are the standards and this is what will be acceptable and anything other than this will be unacceptable.

14:14 Dr. Jerry Lanier

You see, that's ? I mean that word and I started using that a few years ago but I don't use it enough. I don't use it enough. I'll tell you why. A lot of times people drip and I'll even start to drip. I'll say that this is what it's gonna be and it's that today, tomorrow it's a little bit less, next week it's less than that, and after a while they're right back to what they were doing before. You know how people are. We all have a tendency to go back to our comfort zone and our comfort zone is what we know and what we've done over and over again for a long period of time and we're resistant, very resistant to change and unless you can push someone over and over repeatedly to doing something until it becomes their new norm, then what you're gonna get as soon as you take your foot off the pedal is they're gonna revert right back to what they were doing before. They're going right back to the comfort zone so I would say, please, anytime that you establish your expectation and you have to do that through whatever your vision is it's established. Oh! And this is ? while I'm on that, let me just digress a little bit and go over here to what expectations you should have and that is all comes from the vision and as I said before, your vision should actually give you what it's gonna look like.

16:00 Dr. Jerry Lanier

What it will feel like. What it will operate like. What's acceptable as far as cleanliness in your facility and we ? as I said, fortunately, my wife is a big part of the company. She visit and she's kind of cleaning fanatic and she sees things that I don't because when I'm there, I'm looking at things from a different lens and I see certain things that she may not and she sees things that I don't and then my operations manager may see things different than we do. So, we have a team but there're things that the team is looking for like the dress, the dress code. Now, that's one for me that I really have been harping on here recently and I'm gonna make sure that we improve it. I don't like the way some of the uniforms are spotty and dirty to the point that ? not necessarily dirty but look dirty. They're old and worn and we're replacing those but even if they ? something happens before they get them replace, then don't come and with that ask for something else, get a substitute because it's not acceptable and I have to push it's not acceptable. I have to push you from the vice-president, operations manager, manager, all the way down so that, as they say, things flow downhill so my expectation, my high expectations at the top is what's gonna cause this thing. Now, we talked about cleanliness, the facility, and the uniform and so forth so ? the dress code. Everybody has to be dressed alike, all of it new or fairly new-looking. You have to talk to them, what is expected as far as the way they meet and greet and dismiss the patients.

18:00 Dr. Jerry Lanier

How does that whole process take place? Do you have a system? Is it systematized so that it happens pretty much the same way everytime. You have been in place and you could tell the way when you walk in, "Good morning! How are you?" and it all that happens. It doesn't matter whether it's Jack or Jane, or Peter or Mary, or whom ever meets you or greet you, they're gonna say it pretty much the same way. They're gonna be enthusiastic about it and they're going to ? the next thing, "Has anyone helped you? Can I help you find something?" or whatever. If it's retail or something like that or even if it's a doctor's office and they have this kind of meeting and then the meeting and greeting and then the way they start with records and so forth. Whether -- everything has a process and a system you wanna have this not just so that it's like franchise so that you can replicate but the more, if you think about if you were going to replicate and that's the whole thing about systematizing in the franchise format is that it allows you to replicate it if you want it to but you don't necessarily have to but you have to have that process in place if you're going to be good. I'm telling you, this is something you should replay because a lot of the stuff I'm saying here guys, I'm leaving it because you don't expect, I don't expect to be here forever on this airplay and while I'm here though, I need to leave a record. I am writing a book and hopefully ? and my book is almost finished and I just need to get back on it but I'm finding new materials to include all upon and I think about I'd like to leave it for my kids.

20:04 Dr. Jerry Lanier

I have a son that ? I don't know whether he reminds me of me or my father or what but he's a very hard-headed stiff neck and I don't know, it maybe some time before he listens to me. I maybe dead and gone but at least he'll have some recordings and at sometimes we reflect back on what you heard from your father or your mentor and I'd like to be a mentor to a lot of other people out there but even more so I'd like to mentor my own kids and get them to see some of the things that I've learned over the years. The hard part is that most of us tend to learn from our own mistakes rather than someone else's mistakes so that's the reason we're always late in life and said if I had to do it all over again, I would have listened or would have done this or I would have done that but ? I find that over the years, as I age, I'm less inclined to run and jump. I do take some risk but I tend to really evaluate my risk more carefully. A lot of things, I used to jump out there and go for that people would try to engage me to do to take part in. I'm not really excited about those. I really pursue my dreams. I'm not into pursuing someone else's dream and when people think or perceive that you have money then everything starts to come at you. Every time you look around somebody has some kind of venture and idea that they would like for you to back their idea and I know there're probably a hell of a lot of great ideas out there but I choose now to just pursue my own.

22:07 Dr. Jerry Lanier

I got enough things on this shelf that I could spent the rest of this lifetime and two more just pursuing the things that I have sitting on the shelf but right now I'm only gonna pursue things that are related to children's dentistry and my mentoring programs which I feel obligated to do as far as giving back and it's not for the greedy, it's for the needy because if I'm gonna give, it's giving to people that really need something. I'm throwing this out here, the Entrepreneur Dentist, because I know that there're some needy dentist that are already making money but the thing I think about is why would you ever give your more to receive your less? And a lot of people are receiving less and it's not necessarily by choice but because of lack of the tools and the understanding of how to do better and most of the time the schools aren't really ? they're not really setup to give you those kinds of training to go to that next level and school has become extremely expensive and I think dental school over almost anything else is one of the most expensive and we're sitting, I am right here in L.A. where the most expensive dental school in the world, the USC most expensive dental school in the entire world I think. I know it in the United States though, maybe in the entire world, ? it's USC and I forgot the exact amount.

24:00 Dr. Jerry Lanier

You know if you're ? quite a few of you guys out there are USC grads and you got to make up some grounds if you ? even if you leave dental school, you're half a million dollars in debt and some people a lot of time withdraw dental school and undergrad there, you're $600,000 or $700,000 in debt. That's a hell a lot of money to pay back because ? knock on wood, seriously. I don't owe anybody aside from my debt schedules for the office and my corporations but my personal debt, I'm almost free of almost everything like home, cars and so forth but for me it is one of the worst days I have of any month is the day I sit down to write checks. I don't know why, I always pay people, always pay my debt but I never feel good. That's another reason I don't like the loan money because I know other people are the same damn way and as much as they say "Jerry, I know. I'll pay you back, blah, blah, blah." No, after a while it's always easier to come up with some other reason to use that money for something else and who the hell wants to pay and give money back to a rich man? It doesn't matter that it was my money. They're saying "That guy is rich now. He doesn't need that. I need it more than you do." And that's the rationale I've gotten and you have to challenge people about your money. So, I'm into the point. Now, I give money to those who I want to give to but as far as actually loaning money? No. Go to a bank. Go to a loaning institution and then people will say "well, they won't loan me money." That's probably a good reason they won't loan you money, especially if you venture your ideas.

26:00 Dr. Jerry Lanier

Oh! Let me speak on that as well though. I'm doing a few ventures now and I'll tell you, those lending institutions, they've got some point. They say that they're loaning money now a lot easier but I swear, they can all act as a deterrent. It's paperwork after paperwork after paperwork after paperwork and answer the same damn thing over and over and over again and these are places that you're dealing with for years and years and sitting on bag of money sitting over in the air and you still can't get any money off. It's gotten to be ridiculous and anytime they send you through enough of that, it almost make you wanna just throw up both hands and go around them or under them or so forth but sometimes you got to go through them and you just got to meet your resistance. That's overcoming and meeting that resistance. Just keep going through your pile if you want to take the loan and right now the rates are fairly acceptable if you can get in there and get it. You have little bit of a track record and you can get, it's probably a good time to borrow money. Now, with that said, there's a thing of "well, if I'm gonna borrow money, Dr. Jerry, what am I gonna do with that? Where am I gonna set up? What kind of practice should I really start?" Those are some good questions and you have to answer those yourself but I would give you a hint. I've been looking at a lot of ? because I'm trying to start these five new offices and it maybe six or seven but anyway I'll give you an example. I've been to Fresno for one reason, the demographics in Fresno tended to fit where I wanted to go and that's as far as I wanted to retail North but I've become more of a demographics fanatic recently and I looked up the demographics for certain areas and I said "Well, I'll go to Fresno."

28:10 Dr. Jerry Lanier

Guys, I've been to Fresno so many times way back last year and I finally found a building and I decided I was gonna buy it. Well, to do a kid's dental care. It's ideal. It's about 5,000 something almost 6,000 square feet, which is fairly large but I said I can work with that and I started negotiating in probably December of last year and then in February I put up a deposit, like a 10 grand deposit because the owner had to go through trying to get permits for medical dental usage and we've been going back and forth with this and I've racked up a ton of attorney fees and he has been working it. I think at one point, he wanted to back out and sell it to someone else probably got someone else who wanted it but we just recently, just last week, we cleared city planning and there is still another meeting on the 27th and I forgot exactly what ? but that's another part of that admin in the city and now, this is end of August. We could be into September before I actually close on it so it's almost a year working on that same thing but at the same time, I have been going back and forth with three, four others. I did get one started and I have about four other ones that are either in the process of dealing with as far as trying to make ? trying to get this thing as far as permits.

30:06 Dr. Jerry Lanier

Trying to go through the things with the attorneys on -- I'm sorry I was giving a text and I thought that was something regarding my own loaning here hopefully everyone is hearing me well and if you would like to call then let me give you that number one more time (347) 850-1263, and yes we are having a lot of fun here, if you got up this morning it's about 6. I didn't get in last night until -- I got it was about midnight. I went to the San Francisco CDA meeting and that was great, took the kids and we had a time. Anyway, back to these challenges that I was telling you about. So Fresno has presented some serious challenges that took almost a year and then my _31:00_ facilities -- that's another 5000 square feet and that one is almost a year but I had some real challenges this week I went out here and I was expecting it to be almost complete and at the same point that it was three weeks ago when I was here just some framing, steal sort cuts there, they have put a lot, the pipes and so forth and they had some the inspection record in the window and a lot of things have been inspected, but I jump on the warn and I started really great in hill with the contract and his supervisor and to the point I call about three or four different times raising out. I think on Monday there going to get some times going. Normally, I call the city which I did for both part and I raise out with the mayor's office, city council and I'm telling you this is something I had a conversation with my wife a few days ago in the car, if you are not appear to fight maybe you don't want to get in the fight game.

32:12 Dr. Jerry Lanier

And normally, the kind of guy that I really like taking it easy and fighting is not my style, but I've learned to get in characters. It's almost like I live like here on an Hollywood sign so I've found that sometimes I've just gonna get in characters, I got to act as though. Well really I am, but I'm not when I'm calling I'm not using vulgar language and not totally irate, but I have to get into the character to let them know this guy needs to be dealt with and I try to start at the top it's high up as I can so that it will flew down hill and by the time it gets here because a lot of times the reason you are waiting could be legitimate reason. Most of the time city planning will only hire one architect or engineer, I don't understand it. They charge you like $6,000 or $7,000 to pull permits and you got to have permits for this and that, you got to go through all the construction permits, then you gonna get your initial permits and prove then inspectors have to come out, but then we have _33:23_ that is a whole different department then you have signs, you got to get signage, you got to get permits for those that is a different department and everybody is pulling permits and all of it could be a hurry up and weight gain. So you have to be ready to get involve because the people that are pulling the permits, the constructors they operate to get on the bad side, you got to be the heavy sometimes and you got to let them know, hey I'm calling and even though I don't live in those zone they understand that I'm concern citizen and that I may have influence on voters in all and I let them.

34:03 Dr. Jerry Lanier

And this is true, I have a whole bunch of applications, I have on the buildings, I have recruiting and my number to call and a lot of dental assistance even dentist everyone was calling they are ready to get started, I got patients that are waiting. I'm ready to do commerce in this city and they are making me wait? You know? That's not the way to do business so you call your city counselor, you call the mayor's office, you raise help, the next thing you know they are saying, "Oh! You've just been clear." Yeah, thanks to you. We've just been cleared, we are gonna give you your permits, and you got to be ready, you got to jump in with these challenges are, so those are the ones you cannot let them turn you around and _34:53_ that I now I expected and even one of the offices they wanted. One of the problems we were having was getting a parking permits, it was a little bit tight on parking even though there was a big lot some of the other tenants have been given excess parking I get and think like chucky cheese and this one and that one. A lot of things in this _35:25_ and they had been given a lot of more parking spaces. So we had to go back and submit -- anyway the landlord between the landlord and the contractor, I could tell there were certain things that neither of them wanted to do, I'm in the middle and they have holding me up and the landlord is saying "well, you need to pull this and get it down to city hall." I'm gonna provide you what I think I should provide and you gonna have to pull the rest because that is you anyway and it came down to a point just few days ago.

36:02 Dr. Jerry Lanier

It was just someone and may have the drawings they need a eight folded copies taken to city planning. Now, what the hell? It's like 8-1/2 x 11 fold, I don't know, something like that folded and taken to city hall and it was crazy and that one. We should be able to just email and they should print them and pull them the damn cell, but the contractors are well you do it and you tell the landlord and the landlord was like I thought that you gonna handle this so I have to jumped in in the middle, listen guys, don't worry about it just send it to me I will send a runner down here and you don't handle it because I don't wanna fight you because everybody in life has got into the point now that they want somebody else to do all the work for them. I had so much experience with people that either called me up Dr. Lanier call from Mr. so and so and so, or Dr. Lanier Mr. this will be on the line or Ms. so and so and so hold the line for this person. Now, I'm thinking "who the hell is this person that makes like one tenth of the money that I made if that much and I have to sit behold at line and wait on them while on hold" because someone to elevate themselves in the status and that's the whole thing status seekers and now they have to put you on hold and wait they had to have someone else call and do that kind of thing I swear the world has littered with this people. Don't just take my words we are start watching you will get people that I don't have people call, put you a whole while they wait to get on the phone and would not likely they're standing right next to him or have someone call ask you a question then _37:55_ is this but ask them that _38:00_ okay you have to say well Dr. Lanier what about this?

38:05 Dr. Jerry Lanier

That really piss me off, you know? Just pick up the damn phone and let's communicate get business done so like other things to do. You know I make a lot of money, but I answer my own phone. I answer my call if you call, especially if I give you my number than I want to speak to you but if I give you my cell number I don't need anybody else answering and if you call the office more than like do they gonna take the message because I am not gonna be there most of the time and then between different places and they know that give me the number and I will take the message I will decide. Anyway, I have got kind of _38:44_ another subject I wanted to talk about I'm really finding something that for me and something that is gonna take me to the next level is gotten me in a long way and I think that I'm utilizing this thing I want to be on the cutting edge, but there is new technology -- even my studio were doing this, the Blog Talk Radio I'm doing it the old fashion way and something to you over my speaker phone and my telephone and my laptop, but really I brought all this stuff to set up a studio which would make it really some more studio-like, but I don't know how to set it up completely so I have to get someone in to do that, but you know that a point in making up money I can just hire someone coming and set it up for me show me how to use it and then go, you know that's all, all I need and I was at Mary Marquee in San Francisco at the weekend or over the past few days.

40:01 Dr. Jerry Lanier

And they have this thing in the lobby, technology was so cool they have this thing. It's a kiosk that where you go up and you just -- it's digital and you just push the button and it's a countdown you snap a picture and then you get posted to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and send it by email and it has the logo and the message from whatever company that is using it to promote and I was like "damn! That's cool. I love that" because the technology. Everybody now and the grandma is doing Facebook. I have 1000 people on my Facebook page and I don't even try I don't want to do Facebook but you have to have your personal page in order to set up a business page so I set it up and then I'm really didn't and I still don't understand totally I won't but I was friending everybody then they would -- everything shown up on my page I know there is some ways were there is post _41:14_ upon your page, but I do have somebody that work for me that does understand Facebook very well and he handles the business page and likewise with Twitter, guys actually I'm getting started with Twitter. I don't know what I'm gonna tweet and between just keep going and post something, but for me if I'm gonna post anything or tweet something it's gonna be about business, you know because if I'm sharing with my family or if I'm sharing with my wife or friend then it's gonna just be personal I don't want it to be out there, but people want. If you have this thing like this kiosk that takes some picture, they go wanna send it to someone, they go and wanna share it and that's the thing about the social media is that they will value share. I'm waiting now I don't know how much technology pass but those are kinds output I'll grab something like that because I put it in my office and just let it roll.

42:18 Dr. Jerry Lanier

I will let it do the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube stuff for me because I know that people I suppose things they will go there and they will post whatever you give them an opportunity too and then there is another thing is I found some really good technology on this -- they have a think where is a train that I'm looking at, looking at actually buying a train there is a trackless train but it is a replica of the 18 something trains and you see them in the mall or around and they could run outdoors, beautiful things and kids love them, you can set it up and just let it run. Now, I know I'm throwing things out here that I know you might say well what is the competition does it before you? Well, they made but not a lot of people going to run at and buy train especially if you only have a couple of offices because you're looking at something that cost about $65,000 to $70,000 and then you got it have the truck and everything to hold them around the driver and by the time you finish you're looking at about $175,000 but for me and kids, and kids dental care network where I'm going because that's my next phase where my decision takes me is to really implement this kids dental care what they call the referral network and there is kind of like 100 dentists as a referral network and there is the others that I would be referral networks, but if you like if the business wants to join kids dental care network.

44:03 Dr. Jerry Lanier

We want to have to have all of the technology and everything in place so that we go after our niche harder and stronger than anyone else and we can own that niche. That's another thing you wanna do. You wanna own your niche and I said this over and over again, your niche can make you rich, but you're not all over the place. So I'm putting these technologies together that concentrates really heavily on my niche. I'm worry about what someone else does, how they do, what they do, I got to play my game. I bring my game to the table and I'm trying to bring only my A-game. I don't want see like A- or B+ game. I have to get up and bring my A-game. If I do that on a regular consistent basis it's gonna be hard for the competitors to stay in the game with me. They could draw it back and they could follow me, but if you're in the game and I'm bringing my A-game consistently day after day after day relentlessly then you cannot stay in the same game. I read all the Lance Armstrong's book and I know Lance was script of his crown because of doping but still about one test will riding for all of those years doping or not and I know that doping is probably in a lot of those Lance and leaves some serious achievement, but one of the things that I remember clearly about Lance and I have to stop and really think about. Again, when you're reading a book and you hit something that so good you got to just set it down and walk around just think about it and it's this.

45:53 Dr. Jerry Lanier

He was talking about when you're riding and the group of riders, they call the Peliton which is I guess _46:10_ or the group -- the ball -- and they're all group together it's hard to do a break away because everybody -- on a flat, if your flat out and it's all even everybody can move at a really fast clip. The once in the front are breaking the wind, from the once in the back even the slower riders they get dragged along with you and it's just moving fast and he was saying you don't waste your energy going out trying to break away at that point. He said you do your breakaways on the hill, you said as soon as you start the incline some of the people will start to peel back and you will keep pushing up the incline and then about half of the pack and watch you are watching those _47:08_ white races as you said half of the pack will very quickly separate and start to draw it back and then the other half will start to put more distance in between and the only thing you're doing now is putting pressure on the rest of them and then you are looking to see others that start to separate. Now you got to separate another half of the pack as you hit either hire inclinations. Now the incline is going. Now you already peel the weigh about three quarters of the pack -- they're gone. So you lose 75% of the pack and then now you still gonna drop some more because you're looking for the elite riders to be upfront but you could call your competitors so you keep adding more and more pressure and you're pushing yourself even harder.

48:06 Dr. Jerry Lanier

This is life, not the Twitter fast, this is life when look at it like that. You're pushing yourself even harder and the next thing you know you drop half of that pack and now after a while you're seating there with a group of world class elite riders and everybody else is kind of peel the way and now those guys can start working together as a group to start putting sometimes on the board. Now they're gonna work against each other and mere at the end of the race but for a while they have to work together because they don't want the Peliton as the Peliton is that big group they can work together as a group and come back and slap you back in so you got to separate yourself with a group of the elite people and you guys will have to start communicating the world about what's working and helping each other to kind of put distance between you and what is call the average. Because if you're above-average or you're were extraordinary, you don't want to be ordinary you want to be extraordinary, an extraordinary performance and that's what you're looking for was the edge that can make you become the extraordinary one and I'm telling you, as far as I've learned and if I'm mentoring someone then maybe you take it for me but if you're listening and it's not something that you think won't work so not given the right thing, then by all means _49:43_ and move forward but if there is something you can benefit from I'm telling you the thing you want a benefit from and there is nothing wrong of ordinary people, but if you want to be extraordinary then you cannot do the same things that ordinary and everyday people do because again you gonna get the same results that everybody else is getting and now you gonna become average or ordinary.

50:12 Dr. Jerry Lanier

I mean think about it and when you average everybody together, that average normally for ordinary it also includes a big portion of the subpar because that's what you are averaging in and a few of the ones that you have kind of pull the weight. If you really gonna pull par away and be considered in that top 3% now you really got to push hard and you really gonna make a breakaway -- not that there is anything great about getting to that percent but there are some benefits to being in that. That is what the benefits though to be an ordinary or even below ordinary because at that point you get to sleep and more get a chance to rest. You don't have to get up on Sunday morning and do the things like I'm doing when you really didn't feel like rolling out that early. This is what extraordinary people do, you do extraordinary things and same thing about your practice. If your practice is gonna be extraordinary then don't be ordinary, don't be the same as everybody else, seek the path that's less travel and you have to beat the bushes down. If everybody else has already traveled that path beat the bushes down for you. Don't expect defying some new goal there. I was just in San Francisco and they were saying that in the 1800's whenever it was, 1849 I guess, 49 when they came out here looking for goal it was only the first two or three years that the goal but people came for years and years, but most of them didn't find goal, the goal was already gone if you didn't get in the first two to three years the goal did not last.

52:14 Dr. Jerry Lanier

The people that made the money though was the entrepreneurs they got they found out we all know it is not goal, but there is a lot of fools coming here looking for the goal and maybe also _52:25_ something. A lot of people made more money selling shovels. Levi Strauss they were saying actually started Levi's he started selling the pants to the people. He came and looking for goal but since the goal was gone he set up, his company starts selling the jeans and so forth through them and there it goes, you know Levi Strauss and Guess jeans and all of that come from a man that really saw some opportunity here, took advantage of the opportunity. Didn't want to be ordinary, keep digging in the same place than everybody else and not getting anything, turning and winning the direction and creating an entrepreneur adventure and that's what it is about looking for those opportunities, looking for those holes but if you find yourself doing what everybody else is doing and saying what everybody else is saying, going where everybody else is going don't expect to get different results than everybody else is getting because you're doing the same thing, I mean it spans a reason but knew we want to go and then the things I say because I just got back from one of this convention. Really be careful of some of the goose out there and they will tell you how to make all of this money, how to do different things while most of them really never made money, they're making their money telling you, but if they never really made any money and they're telling you how to sell.

54:01 Dr. Jerry Lanier

Because even the thing you know when you're selling -- they talk about it $30,000/$50,000 case and I have money, you know. I made money, I work for my money so maybe that's a different. My money came hard and it's still coming hard. I have to get up work for my money everyday and then a lot of them say, "Well, do this and I don't accept any kind of insurance." They pay me I don't even fill out the forms for them, how you get to be so elite because like I said I have a pocket full of money most of the time. I have a big bank account, but I'm still pissed off every time I have to pay somebody I don't want to give away my money and I hate when I get those bills and then they are all from the doctor at money the insurance pay. I'll pay but you know, the other certain point. If he is charging too much then I'm gonna get up and go to somebody else that's more reasonable. Of course, there are people who pay out _55:04_ fees and so forth and like to be your league. And sometimes you're willing to pay for what you get and I know some people or a lot of people are shopping for the best deal, but there are people out there that are willing to pay because they know it's a great deal but most of them aren't gonna pay just because you charge a lot. There are certain things. Yesterday, when we were trying to get away from the hotel and there is long line people just waiting to get the taxi, I don't know why it was taken so long but a long line, so actually when I just got a limo nobody is waiting on the limo, it didn't cross but a few dollars more but it's a bit more elite but -- so it give me a limo and get my family and let's get to the airport. I didn't mind paying for that, it was a good deal.

56:02 Dr. Jerry Lanier

It save me from those ends and the same thing you know from trying to get the years and crowns. I want somebody that could do them well but if I can get those neither for -- let's say a thousand why would I pay 2000 just because you move to and more elite area or whatever and applying now and shop around most of them I could give for 800 or 900. I'm willing to pay a thousand but I'm not willing to pay you $2,000 and I have money unless the same thing that you have to think about your customer. Put yourself on the other side of the counter and don't just listen to the guy with the microphone all the time because he may not be making money maybe he did say on one case one big days one time back in the past and now he is lecturing but -- I'm more in the mindset of and we got to follow someone, got to follow someone that's doing -- that's making the money you find out and you made a lot of money will your best year. One of the most money ever made in your year except not teaching but did you actually make it, did your business, your practice make that kind of money, and if you find out that the answer is no, then how the hell -- what qualifies you to tell everyone else how to do it? These are questions I just think -- I'm not trying to down anybody and not trying to lift myself up, but these are kind of the things that I ask before I jump in into a seminar and start following somebody is, are they just talking or a lot of times people write books and talk about what others ideally.

57:45 Dr. Jerry Lanier

No, I haven't done it but this is what others are doing so I'm gonna write a book or I'm gonna do a show on or I'm gonna say this just based on someone else that they did that. Not good for me, I don't think so. Either you can do the dance but otherwise there are people that are good coaches that really never played the game well and you look at it where the sports or anything there is a lot of people that coach the game really well and the players, elite players, need good coaches but you got to really find out what are their qualities and qualifications that will allow __58:27__ and with that said guys I think this has been a good day. I rolled over this morning. I didn't know how I was gonna handle it, but I think that the content is good today and the kind of thing -- I'm happy as long as what I say is something I think I could pass along to my kids and to people, my prot��g��, if they are listening then it's something that they can use, I'm happy and I want to hold it __58:58__ or my prosperity I would like for them to use this kind of stuff and I want benefit from it, but if you have any questions, entrepreneurdentist.com or you can send me on entreprenuerdentist@gmail.com. Send me an email, if you have any questions and I look forward to talking to you next week. Until then, stay lucrative like Larry and we'll see you soon. Thank you. God bless. Bye.