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    Yes, It's That Time Again, Each Year, When A Day Is Set Aside For Dad's EVERYWHERE --- To Get A Little "Applause & Sunshine"!
    Dad's Come In All Sizes, Shapes, Colors & Backgrounds!  It Involves A Lot Of "On-The-Job-Training" And Hopefully The Results Turn Out Ok!
    You Know Who You Are And What You Have DONE! 
    Congrats!  You Made It This Far & Can Look Back With A Good Deal Of Inner Satisfaction At Having Traversed Through This Landscape & Seeing Your Time & Effort Bearing Good Fruit - More Wage Earners That'll Come In Handy When You Need Those "Over-Night" Loans Now & Then!
    Enjoy The Day!  Hope You Get Well-Deserved Phone Calls + Greeting Cards & Perhaps A Dinner Out @ Your Favorite MEXICAN Restaurant!
    Without Dads, Things Would Be Waaayyyy Different! 
    To Dad's Everywhere, The Journey Never Really Stops, For There's ALWAYs Another BEND In The Road!
    As A Special Bonus Today --- We Have Tickets To The 7th Game Of The NBA Finals --- Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers --- Steph Currey vs. LeBron James.  A Private Lear jet will fly you to Oracle Arena In Time For Game Tip Off @ 5:00-P.M. PST.
    Seize The Day!!!
    (Oh, I Wonder What This Could Be In The Brightly Wrapped Package I'm Opening Up, RIGHT NOW! ---- Oh, WOW, A Tie, A Tie, Wow, This Will Look Really Great Hanging Up In My Closet!)

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    Vicki Fitch Live! A Fresh Perspective #13 with Special Guest: Dr. Aikyna Finch

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    Join serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, mentor and business consultant, Vicki Fitch on this episode of Vicki Fitch Live! A Fresh Perspective #13 with special guest Dr. Aikyna Finch.
    On this edition of  Vicki Fitch Live! A Fresh Perspective, Vicki is joined by special guest Dr. Aikyna Finch who is an Author, Blogger, Coach, Educator, Radio Show Co-Host and Social Media Lover and more.
    Dr. Aikyna D. Finch is an Educator and Certified Coach. Her teaching includes business, leadership, marketing and information systems at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. Finch has several publications in business and education. Dr. Finch has published and presented on topics related to youth and adult education, social media, and organizational human resource development.  Learn more about Dr. Finch at http://aikynafinch.com/

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    Veterans - Thank You For Your Service

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    They walked through the valley of the shadow of death. They feared no evil. They thought they were the baddest  ______________   _______________ in the valley. Then they came home fighting a continuing battle called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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    Women Headliners: Billionaire Women's Club, Secret Service & CFO/CIO Cindy Brown

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    Women In the News - in this segment, the Women Billionaire's Club, the first Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, Hillary Clinton's newest title & why the media got it wrong, as well as women entrepreneurs blazing trails in science and technology.  Our women headliner is Executive Cindy Brown, CFO & CIO of entegra technologies, inc. a design, engineering and manufacturing services company providing modular mobile computer devices (tablets) to military and commercial users in defense & public safety, healthcare, transportation, energy, retail and restaurant industries. Cindy, an accomplished C-Suite executive will share her story of being the daughter of a woman trailblazer herself, guilt & balance and tackling time management with her "Sacred 6" tips.  

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    Jose Carcano & Cory Walker introduce Save 10 Company. Save monies and residual.

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    Jose Carcano will talk with Mr. Cory Walker concerning a new business opportunity call "Save10 Company". The topic on what you can save money on, how a merchant can advertise for FREE and how people can create residual income.
    Just some example of companies you can save on:
    Food: Subway, Arby's, Popeyes Losisiana  Kitchen, Red Lobster, Bush's Chicken, Olive Garden.
    Retail Store: Claire's, JC Penney, Samuels Jewelers, Hallmark, Sears, Office Depot, Rent a Center.
    Automotive: Ford, Advance Auto Parts, Meineke Car Care, Jiffy Lube, Sears Auto Center. Enterainment: Boulder Sport Climbing Center, Skydive Temple Tx., Horsin' Around Fort Hood.
    Health & Beauty: Gym Network 360, Spafinder WEllness 365, Sport Clips, Supercuts, Eyemart Express.
    We are looking for Merchant that want to advertise for FREE.
    We are also work on savings on Travel and Services.
    Visit; https://teamcarcano.mysave10.com
    Contact me at 254-371-449

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    Trina Sargalski: Cooking up a Path to a New Career

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    Just because a job or position doesn't exist where you currently work doesn't mean you can't do it...
    Aspiring writers, musicians, photographers, and producers are no longer beholden to “the studios” to provide the equipment, produce and finance a project. That technology is available on your personal computer, iPad—even on your telephone.
    Trina Sargalski grew up in Miami.  She transitioned from a career in education to a career as a freelance writer and radio producer/reporter.  She shares with us the personal career path she’s developed that incorporates her passions for "good food and good stories."
    Today, she’s creating audio stories about South Florida for Under the Sun on WLRN 91.3 FM, South Florida's NPR station.  She also writes and produces media for Miami Dish, a website about “everything edible and local in Miami.” She demonstrates that you can create the job you want, once you understand what it’s possible to do.

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    Her Story Through Love and Music - Lori Finnila

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    Rushing to buy $8 pantyhose before work at Rockefeller Center was Lori Jean’s only worry, before she became a mom. Blessed with a son, she went from corporate, to homeschooling, to a rocker mom being professionally produced-all on her own. With many mentors in self -motivation, Lori Jean launched her own music and caught eye of a recording label. Now a Top Charts artist, she is now touring and her original rock tunes that she writes and composes are being released by Factory Fast Records-all starting out with only having an iPhone!! . All while scripting and recording her lifelong story of her love of music from a child’s view in her screenplay, Pia’s Records. Having nothing, she will genuinely tell you how she did it. 

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    Building A Brand The Art Of Networking

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    Building A Brand, The Art Of Networking is a Platform Where Business Owner Come and Share There Success on How They Built There Brand as Well as Promote There Product or Service.

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    Salespersons Will Quit If They Are Not Making Money

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    Maybe it's a natural occurrence that there will always be real estate and insurance agents that simply quit the business.
    Over the last six months, our company has seen many leave real estate and insurance sales because they simply were not making any (or enough) money.
    Speaking with many real estate and insurance agents, insurance managers and real estate brokers, it's often clear why agents quit the business. They do not know how to sell. And selling has very little to do with real estate insurance or insurance product knowledge.
    Our company has sat with over 500 agents over the last 20 months and have traced the root cause to the unavailability of sales training to agents.

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    Ricky Brava Speaks about "How to Become a Better Public Speaker"

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    Ricky Brava Speaks about "How to Become a Better Public Speaker"
    Public Speaking is on of the most important skills to have but it's also one of the most feared things to do.
    Some even fear public speaking more than death itself!
    Speech anxiety is globally common, even the most confident professionals are terrified of it.
    Nevertheless in the working world public speaking is a vital skill to have.
    On this episode Ricky will speak about his personal experiences, and will give the listeners some gems and tips that will improve their public speaking skills.
    The Ricky Brava Show is Sponsored by www.MortgageFloat.com

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    Manifesting Outcomes Part 2

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    Max Rose interviews Reasheal Lockett, Film Producer & Casting Director about Manifesting Outcomes
    In 2007, Reasheal decided to take on the role as “Executive Assistant” to renowned Author, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Les Brown. She began traveling with him, extensively, managing his day-to-day, personal and business affairs. This afforded her the unique privilege of not only traveling, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, but also to be personally instructed and mentored by one of the most talented, charismatic, dynamic, and successful Motivational Speakers of all times!
    In 2008, Reasheal relocated to Atlanta, GA, and had the privilege of hosting:  “Faith To Fruition” the Grand Opening of Tyler Perry’s Film Studio, as well as, the Sunday Celebration Brunch at his home.
    In 2009, Reasheal joined Tyler Perry’s production team as the “Executive Assistant” to Casting Director/Producer, Reuben Cannon, where she worked on several episodes of: “The House of Payne” and “The Tyler Perry Show,” and films: “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” and “Why Did I Get Married, Too?”
     In 2012, she took on the role as a “Producer,” for an Atlanta based film starring David & Tamela Mann, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, Elise Neal and a host of other phenomenal actors!