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    Working with Ms Desiree CEO of An Empowered Woman

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    Entrepreneur Incubator with Expert &7 Figure Business Coach , CEO of An Empowered Woman & Founder of Let's Talk Success Magazine Ms Desiree Doubox.
    Today I am honored to call in this great sister-friend who has certanly been empowering me and I know once you meet her today she will inspire , uplift, and empower you as well. Today we are going to hear her story and see whats new with her as well as she will be leaving something wonderful on the table that you can glean from today, so make sure you listen to the whole show.
    5 S's & a C That's Me! Women's Development & Training Community. A place where you work side by side to grow your business as well as have the emotional support, hands on training, to build your dreams and set you up for your success, Together we can do more from my heart 2 yours!

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    Knock Outs - Conversations with Power Players Welcomes John Davis

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    Knock Outs - Conversation with Power Players:The Bad Ass Closer interviews one of The Merchant Service Industry's brightest stars John Davis with Heartland Payments Systems.

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    How to discover your personal branding style, conclusion

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    We are wrapping up our discussion on how to discover your personal branding style.
    Remeber, your personal brand is considered you packaging yourself with your business and marketing it as one or your brand (you + your business = your brand).
    Monday we will discuss social media for your brand, so you really want to join in.
    If you have any questions about online business, starting a small business, branding or a question related to business at all just send me an email and I will get back to you.
    You can also visit my blog. 

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    Ideas to build up the small business owner

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    Many business owners either have a regular job and have their business or they are trying to work the business by themselves. If this sounds like you, then this show will help.Great ideas to help you grow and organize. Listen in.

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    Millenials Discovering the Connection: Path Elements Profile and Career Choices

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    The Four Elements of Success teaches that leadership can come from any profile.  What that means is that often in teams and companies we see how personality plays a role in hiring, onboarding and promotions.  Certain jobs might require a certain skill set or temperament so companies often turn to personal assessments for answers and assistance.  Time has proven that not all personality profiles are created equal.  Depending on what you are trying to measure, the landscape can get varied quickly.  Laurie Beth Jones, the author of the Four Elements of Success has made it easier for teams, leaders, managers and even families to negotiate and communicate while getting things done (GTD).  This week on the show Dr. Rhonda Ellis will share how she uses the Path Elements Profile in conjunction with her Customer Care training, and how connecting to your personality can make a difference in a person's job fit
    Dr. Rhonda S. Ellis has been inspiring others with her passion to help leaders calm the daily chaos and provide tools to enhance communication and boost team collaboration.  This week she has invited a friend and millennial, Taylor Cotter, to share on the show. Taylor is a personal assistant in the Northwest Arkansas area. She finds that defining her true passions, while incorporating them into a lifelong career, to be such an overwhelming process. What can I truly see myself doing for the rest of my life, and what does my personality have to do with my career? Finding something she loves doing, not just simply collecting a paycheck has been challenging. Taylor believes you have to be willing to be a guinea pig in career finding. That, plus knowing how you show up every day in your personality could help you fulfill your biggest aspirations. 

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    The Renter's Community

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    Giovanni Wade, a Student in Sharing University explains how to LEARN to become a Social Entrepreneur and EARN $100s to $1,000s in 5 days to 5 weeks.
    Wade shows you HOW the POWER of Cooperative Econimics, Group Economics and a Renter's Community mindset as a Student in Sharng University could get YOUR RENT paid for up to 3 Months!
    Mr. Wade also invite you to explore and benefit from the New BitCoin craze that also providing many with $100s to $1,000s per day in income.  You are definitely going to want to tell everyone about what you learn in this broadcast.

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    Join us tonight!

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    Steps To Amp Up Your Intuition And Mission For Faster Business Success

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    Today's show covers the topic of building a better business by engaging your natural gifts. Acheive success faster and with greater ease. Areas covered will be:
    1. What is the Spiritual Power Success Toolkit that you teach your clients, students, and audiences? 2. What do you mean by Succeed In Sync With Your Soul? 3. What do you do to train your clients and students to become Light Leaders In Business. What is the mindset of a Light Leader In Business? 4. What is Mission Driven Marketing? 5. What is Soul Purpose Solved Procrastination And Overwhelm?
    To connect with Sasha more go to: 
    For her complementary download go to: http://www.entrepreneursoulcoach.com/Success-Tips.html
    or on social media at https://www.facebook.com/YourSoulPurposeBrillianceWithSashaSabbeth/ And Animal Lover page: https://www.facebook.com/Sasha-Cherishes-Animals-Crossposting-230026980369988/
    To find out more about being a guest on the show or our amazing group of successful entrepreneurial women and more about the WEE Business Virtual Success Summit go to 
    or reach out to Julie Anderson the host at info@yourbestmindonline.com

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    Fabulous Fridays -- Business Soft Skills & Strategic Mentorship

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    Each and Every Friday U.S. Army Retired Terence Winslow & Several Leaders & Entrepreneurs bring You Business Soft Skills Topics and Strategic Marketing Mentorship in the following Areas:
    --Spirituality & History -- Ms. Shantel Stewart-Reed, CEO Simply Beautiful Gifts & Novelties 
    --Personal Development -- Ms. Vernitra Thomas, CEO Vernitra Thomas Financials 
    --Health & Wellness -- Ms. Jessica Ann Cabanas, CEO Wild Spirit Rescue Resort
    --Small Business Consulting - Ms. Alicia Clark, CEO Inspiring Investments, LLC
    --Leadership Development -- Coach/Mentor Terence Winslow, CEO Terence Winslow Author LLC

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    Random business talk

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    Three Brothers discuss business success and failures and what we learned from them both.

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    EDC Narration

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    EDC commercial narrative
    Looking for a safe, quality learning environment for your children.  Then look no further, Esprit de Corps center for leraning is for you.  A place where learning is a joy, excellence is the norm and superiorty is our goal.  Its the best learning experience in Jacksonville.  Featuring exceptional graduates, acadmic excellent in every grade, dedicated teaches, the A beka curiculm and scholorships for dssrviing students
    Conveniently located between I-295 and US-1, Call to enroll