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EntheoRadio interviews leading figures and teachers in the field of shamanism, holistic health, consciousness, and traditional use of herbs (Ethnobotany). We provide our listeners with interesting stories and awesome interviews regarding psychedelic sciences, anthropology, ritual and ceremony and the religio-spiritual experience. Our show is open to callers and we do our best to meet the demand of interested listeners.

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Captain Hugh T Alkemi welcomes special guest Makoto Mitsuboshi who will share with us insider information about banking and black budget operations that have occurred in recent modern times worldwide. We hope this interview touches... more

Join us live for a call in welcome conversation between Oliver Quintanilla and Hugh T Alkemi about the newest documentary on the religious and indigenous use of magic mushrooms (psilocybin containing) in Mexico filmed and... more

Entheoradio welcomes the returning of Rak Razam on his USA tour with the new film of his creation Ayahuasca Awakenings: A Shamanic Odyssey. We'll go into more detail about the book as well as Capt Hugh T Alkemi hosts. His first... more

Join Capt Hugh T Alkemi and Edward Malkowski, an author and special guest who brings us new knowledge of the past and the coming Golden Age. Topics include: How to recognize The Reality behind humanity's earliest myths. Epic of... more

Join another episode of EntheoRadio with Captain Hugh T Alkemi and special guest Brad Burge of MAPS in CA. The topics of this episode will be on Burning Man, Crowdfunding for Psychedelic Therapy and Medical Cannabis Research... more

Join Captain Hugh Trevahr Alkemi as he interviews Peter McCoy on Mushrooms, Mycology (study of fungi), and Magical Conscious Changes that occur when Nature provides humans with natural psychedelics and the safe space to use... more

Our first episode with this title was intense, please give this one a listen as we tactle more details on complex topics that we brushed over in the last show. (To listen to that episode please go here: http://tobtr.com/s/5801627 ) Captain Hugh... more

Join this live episode with Hugh T Alkemi and Shonagh Home for another round of discussion about magic mushroom consciousness and it's effect on humanity. Bio for Shonagh: Shonagh Home is an author, shaman and spell breaker, who... more

Captain Hugh T Alkemi talks with "Electric Jesus" author and psychonaut Jonathan Talat Phillips. Bio: Jonathan Talat Phillips' memoir ?The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic" has become one of the... more

As Ayahuasca is reclaimed into the Western spiritual toolkit, the psychoactive vine is leaving the jungles and reaching out to embrace the world. As a generation of seekers connect via ayahuasca and all its analogues, are they moving through... more