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EntheoRadio interviews leading figures and teachers in the field of shamanism, holistic health, consciousness, and traditional use of herbs (Ethnobotany). We provide our listeners with interesting stories and awesome interviews regarding psychedelic sciences, anthropology, ritual and ceremony and the religio-spiritual experience. Our show is open to callers and we do our best to meet the demand of interested listeners.

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Join us tonight as our producer, Xana Moonflower interviews a San Diego local, Kurt Andrew Wellman, Irish Witch and Priest of the Goddess Morrigan, Sociology Major at San Diego State University on the very controversial topics of Wicca,... more

Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., is a writer, independent publisher, energy worker and musician currently living in Ashland Oregon. Martin's latest book, Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution and the Fractal Energetic Nature of... more

Join us as we speak to Rachael Johnson about the shamanic roots of Taoism and the psycho-spiritual awakenings created through the practice of Kunlun Nei Gung. She will explain how by activating the dormant potential witihin oneself through... more

Join us as we speak with a San Diego local about the works of Cozmic H Pepper to discuss lucid dreaming through shamanism and psychedelic experiences. Cozmic Pepper has worked with David Avocado Wolfe, author of books on... more

We are honored to have the author and former attorney, Steve Beyer appear on our show again! Our listeners enjoyed Steve's knowledge, wisdom, and experiences so much that we had requests to have Steve back on the show.... more

We are so honored to interview Ralph Metzner, PhD to discuss his books, "Alchemical Divination, "Mind Space and Time Stream" and the recent book he co-authored with Ram Dass, "Birth of a Psychedelic Culture". Ralph Metzner,... more

Join us as renowned Shaman and Oracle, Melissa Weiss Steele joins us to discuss hot topics such as Shamanism, channeling information, Oracle divination, and reaching altered states without the use of sacraments. Melissa is... more

Join us as we interview Donald Meinshausen live. Donald is involved in movements toward legalization of psychedelics, knew Timothy Leary well "back in the day", and is open to discussing the controversial topics of religion... more

Trevahr interviews Rick Doblin about MAPS and the progressive task of bringing psychedelic medicine to the approving eyes of the public and lawmakers in the USA. He talks about current projects in 2010. Rick Doblin, PhD, is the founder... more

Join us as we interview Jennifer Masters about the amazing things she is doing. she is involved with Shamanic trance dance, witchcraft, Paganism, she is a Shamanic Priestess, tarot reader and psychic. She is a reiki practitioner, High... more