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    Here We Go Again

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    Its been awhile since we have made a return. Lets see if 30 mins is enough time to make this interesting

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    Waking Up In Heaven - Crystal McVea

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    On December 10, 2009, Crystal McVea, a thirty-two-year-old mother of four, went to the hospital for a routine procedure. While undergoing treatment, her face suddenly turned a dark shade of blue, then black. Her mother screamed for help, and a nurse tried to revive her…to no avail. Today, Crystal does not remember what happened in that hospital room during the nine minutes she was unconscious and unable to breathe on her own. She has no memory of the panic and the rushing nurses and the loud cries of “Code Blue.” She only remembers drifting off…and waking up in heaven. This unexpected meeting of a self-described sinner and skeptic with her God changed everything. Raised Christian, she had left her faith behind after childhood abuse and the subsequent struggles and suffering of her troubled teens and early adulthood. She longed to believe but felt abandoned, broken, and undeserving. A moving autobiographical testament to the power of divine love and forgiveness, Waking Up in Heaven shares the message of hope, healing, and compassion McVea brought back from her brush with God. This brave, honest account of years lost to shame and guilt will inspire those who’ve stumbled along their own spiritual journey, with the uplifting reminder that no one is beyond the reach of grace and redemption, and that, in the words of the author, “God is real. Heaven is real. And God’s love for us is the realest thing of all.”

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    Dovetales with Motivational Speaker and Author Dr. Althea L. Phillips

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    Dovetales is so very excited to have friend, sister in Christ the extraordinary, eloquent Motivational Speaker and author of, The Need for Transformation Dr. Althea L Phillips with us today. Native New Yorker, mother, legal nurse consultant with a Master of Science in nursing from Walden University and a doctorate of nursing practice from Walden University will voice her concerns that she feels the church has overlooked. But, first we will dicuss the road she has traveled and the Lord dealing with her in her own Transformation and need for the One who died on the cross for mankind. As we all seek His face everything will shift and look unrecognizable. Learn today how  my special guest is walking out just that in her road to transformation with Christ. To weigh in on our topic call 646-668-8485 press 1 to be live on the air. Download the stitcher app on your mobile device. Or, click on link here.

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    Hot Sugar Tea hosted by India Morel

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    On tonight's episode of HotSugarTea hosted by India Morel, Ralph Terry and Jayda Jacobs as we will be bringing you all of the latest and entertainment gossip. We will have a recap of the MTV Music Awards as well as a Top 5 Best and Worse Dressed. We will also be bringing on legendary adult entertainer Dynamite,former owner of Black Tail magazine as she tells us about her upcoming lawsuit against model Sarah Snyder, former girlfriend to Jayden Smith. 

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    Music Legend Weird Al Yankovic

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    Multi-time platimum recording artist, multi-time Grammy winner, and the comedy genius behind many a parody; Weird Al Yankovic is perdorming at the Cannery Casino in Las Vegas Aug. 4.
    We will talk to Al about his well established career and his new album "Alpocalypse".

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    Oh No, Usher! What Is You Doin, Baby?!?!

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    Tune in to the latest episode of the Ice Cream Convos Podcast to get the full "skressful" scoop on Usher's STD saga: the settlement, the new lawsuit, the cheating, and looming litigation from other women.
    You'll also get some important information about herpes, the risks, and prevention.
    As always you'll get the latest scoop in TV, film, baby news, and more.
    Tune in and enjoy!

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    Episode 22 - Annulated Tree Boas & Cave Dweller Ratsnakes w/ Terry Burwell

    in Entertainment

    Today we're discussing Corallus annulatus and Cave Dweller Ratsnakes. Terry has extensive experience working with both species so this should be a very intersting show! Make sure to check it out since both species are somwhat rare in private collections.

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    Angel's Fellatio Secrets- How To Have Him Pop in 5 Minutes

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    From oral specialist to now author of “Angels Secrets”, her writing debut offers the world a front row seat of the pain, sadness, hope and faith that made her into the woman she is today.  “Angel’s Secrets” depicts the events that led up to the creation of AES despite traumatizing roadways that Angel was forced to travel.   Her struggles hope to inspire women of all walks of life in building self-confidence, becoming aware of their sexuality and improving in the Art of Fellatio with the use of her sensual techniques.
     The latest project for Angel is the more detailed and innovative, Angel’s Erotic Solutions presents “Angel’s Fellatio Secrets” DVD, which includes her signature Grapefruit technique  Women have told Angel how these techniques have increased their confidence and even saved their marriages!  Angel has personally taught over 15,000+ women across the country how to master the art of fellatio.  With “Angels Fellatio Secrets” you can enhance your skills in the privacy of your own home.  Learn how to be creative, have fun and keep your companion at the same time!
    Angel has been featured on “The Monique Show” on BET, “Kandi Koated Nights” streaming talk show hosted by Kandi Burress of Atlanta Housewives. Angel will share her secrets on how to get him to climax in 5 minutes, how to have painless anal sex, how to grapefruit him and much more. You don't want to miss this!

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    Dr. Joy DeGruy - Author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

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    Special Guest Host, John Howie. Blackonomics BH Kickoff! Featured on PBS,NPR, Essence.com, Essence, CNN, The New York Times, ABC, & The Tavis Smiley Show. As a result of twelve years of quantitative and qualitative research Dr. DeGruy has developed her theory of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, and published her findings in the book Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome - America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing". P.T.S.S. is a theory that explains the etiology of many of the adaptive survival behaviors in African American communities throughout the United States and the Diaspora.

    Presentations of programs in the community by The Frator Heru Institute, N'Cobra - National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, The Philadelphia NAACP Branch, ACT-SO & a host of other special Guests!

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    Blazing Defender Report 46 "Fairyland's Gert beats Thor, Batman and The X-Men?!"

    in Entertainment

    What's up guys!  Welcome to the Award nominated podcast, the Blazing Defender Report!  I know right?!  I cant fucking believe  it either!  So let me thank err one that vote for me in the 2017 Podcasting awards.  You guys are the shit!
    Today's show!
    - I'm talking about my first thoughts of the Defenders series on Netflix.  Spoiler free.
    - I talk about how i feel about the current season of Game of Thornes.  Spoiler alert! ( I think it AWESOME! ).
    The Comics on review are-
    Wolverine and All new Wolverine Generations 1 ( jeez was that title long enough? )- Bone breaking action with a very simple but good story.  I was very suprised about how good this was.  Reminded me of the old Giant size team up days. Score-8.5
    Star Wars 34 - Jason Aaron ends his fantasic run on SW with some single stories about our heroes.  Sana Starros, or Sana Solo if you like, gets center stage here and Lights it up. Great single issue! Score 8.7
    Astonishing X - Men 2 - Feels good to have awesome X book back on the racks.  Charles Soule and Deodato Jr are killing it so far on this title.  X Men battle the Shadow King. Nuff said! Score-8.5
    Mighty Thor 22 - War Thor takes on the Queen of Cinders.  Carnage and Mayhem a plenty with just enough human drama to drive the story.  The art in this one really brought the score down but Solid book.  Love War Thor.  Score -8.0
    Dark Knights Metal 1 -  Holy Shit Bat Lovers!!  Have we been waiting for this or what?!  It's a decent effort here but I'm really just not loving this story.  Its sooooo ambitous.  I'm remaining open minded, but they have hill to climb in my book.  I usually love Capullo's art but it looks a little unfinished and loose here.  score - 7.5
    Fuck Fairyland 15 - check out the audio. lol 

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    "The Floaters" what are they doing now. TRU = Talented, Religious and Unique

    in Entertainment

    Our guest tonight are two amazing groups.
    You all remember the song Float On. Well, we have with us tonight The Floaters and they will tell us 1. Who are the Floaters now? What are they doing? Larry Cunningham will tell us all that and more.
    TRU = Talented, Religious and Unique. A Neo Soul R&B Recording Group out of Camden, New Jersey with members Primo, Jimi and Donnie. Three awesome guys will share with us their ventures. They have been in some of the best company and will share those with you.

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