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    RAWF After Hours 9/8/18

    in Entertainment

    All The RAWF News And Notes You Can Handle Tonight Plus Much Much More!!! We will talk about the upcoming Cataclysm PPV, we will give you updated rankings, we will discuss the Glitchies and who knows what else! Come have some fun at 10 PM EST!

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    32. Old Boy

    in Television

    Remember when this film was all people were talking about, then they remade it, and the remake was rubbish?

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    Episode 136 - Preeti Chhibber & Tim Burdick

    in Pop Culture

    YA Author  Preeti Chhibber joins Brad & Jarf to talk about her contribution to the story collection A Thousand Beginnings and Endings.  Tim Burdick returns to discuss the history and relationship between Batman villains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.
    The Digressions:
    The novel Naked Came The Manatee
    Neil Gaiman is very entertaining
    Idris Elba in the world of Fast & Furious
    Is it possible there will be a good Transformers movie?
    Brad is jealous of Scott Carelli from Dueling Genre Productions

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    GSMC Social Media News Podcast Ep. 106: North Korean Hackers & Nicki/Cardi fight

    in Pop Culture

    Staci cycles through the good and the bad of people as she discusses the support that came out for Geoffrey Owens through #ActorsWithDayJobs, the government charging a North Korean hacker for the 2014 Sony hack, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B getting into a fight, and Jeff Goldblum being...Jeff Goldblum with a piano.
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    R&B Singer Ledisi: the voice & nothing but the truth

    in Entertainment

    This episode features conversation with the amazing and super talented Ledisi.  We are talking music, natural hair and why the truth is always her first choice. Plus Divine Martino joins us again with the latest celebrity news. Including hot topics like Tamar Braxton and her friendship woes and the one thing that might have Bobby Brown on edge right now.  Conversation opens with guest host Tameka Bright and Alysse Stewart and the D' Challenge ... 

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    This is a live Show With MsAngelOnDeck & Special Guest Gospel Recording Artist UniekGrace(Belgium)... Great Show of Interview, Music And More....

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    SH131: Retro Review - The Time Machine (1960)

    in Entertainment

    We return to our "Fill Our Holes" Retro Review series with Derreck's first pick, H. G. Wells' The Time Machine from 1960. This classic sci-fi film is based on the Wells novella and stars Rod Taylor, Alan Young, and Yvette Mimieux. We compare it to the novella and the 2002 remake, as well as discuss the film as a whole including special effects, story, dialogue, character development, and more. We also discuss news of the week including the Swamp Thing's new actor and TV rating goal, Avengers 4 reshoots, the best selling blu-ray of 2018, the new She-Ra teaser, Jordan Peele looking to bring back Candyman, and even more!
    What did you think of The Time Machine? Do you think it holds up as a sci-fi classic? Do you think it should left in the past? We want to know! Comment below or hit us up @HeroesPodcasts on Twitter or Facebook!
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    TOMMY MORRISON Last Audio Interview RIP

    in Entertainment

    Former Boxing Heavyweight Champion and star of the hit film "Rocky 5" Tommy "The Duke" Morrison passed away last night, 9/1/13.  We had the pleasure of conducting what we believe to be the last audio interview with Mr. Morrison. 
    Tommy Morrison 1969-2013  Rest In Peace.
    On August 11, 2011,Tommy Morrison joined the Gang at Matty P's Radio Happy Hour in what still stands out as one of the most infamous interviews in show history. Hear Tommy discuss going from 8th grade drop out to Toughman Contest fighter to Professional boxer.  Listen to the inside stories from the set of Rocky V,  including how Tommy broke a stuntman's orbital bone by accident and learn just how much Tommy got paid for his role as Tommy "The Machine" Gunn.  Tommy talks about his boxing career and his path to becoming World Champion.  How close was the rumored fight with Mike Tyson?  Tune in and find out. 
    After a career retrospect, the conversation drifted to strange territories, with Tommy discussing how he believes telekinesis was responsible for the Egyptian Pyramids, his believe in the human ability to re-grow limbs and his claims that he had TELEPORTED himself!  Despite being diagnosed as HIV positive, Tommy Morrison was adamant that he did not have the disease and that the disease DID NOT EXIST!  He also made the claim that Magic Johnson was not HIV positive and claims that Magic was paid 60 million dollars by pharmaceutical companies to say he had the disease!  The 73 minute interview gives a very fascinating look into the mind of one of the most controversial men in boxing history.

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    in Entertainment

    Listen as DJ Carmie interviews KPTR's Club Banger Contest winner Ryda Emphamous. Find out about Ryda's life as a HipHop artists and what inspired him to want to get into the music industry. Also find out about his inspiriations and what he has instored for his fans in the future. He will be providing information on how to contact him for bookings. Get to hear the winning track at halftime.
    Like us! https://www.facebook.com/ThePartyTrainRadio https://www.facebook.com/DIgitalRadioTracker/:

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    Comic Corner #6, Presented by Freakopolis Geekery- Star Trek edition

    in Pop Culture

    Terra Incognita #2, When a routine diplomatic mission takes catastrophic turn, Counselor Troi is the only thing that can prevent war between the Federation and Cardassia. Written by Scott and David Tipton, art by Carlos Nieto. Alien Spotlight- Borg, released 01.23.08 and written by Andrew Steven Harris, art by Sean Murphy. The Enterprise must face it's most deadly confrontation with Borgdrones from the future. Resistance is Futile.  

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