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eNational Public Radio for the eUSA

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The broadcast station of the eUSA

The Asturias Accord, lol Canada, Gnilraps derps, John Killah and Pfeiffer guest host, and more...

eNPR, the official radio of eAmerica

The monthly Presidential Debate

Political commentary in the eUSA. Artela, David Wilson and Tenshibo, with special guests anonymoushooligan and Custer

Thursday, March 22: Congressional Elections; ongoing Bulgaria-Turkey and Chile-Argentina drama Guest no-shows, shy callers, Jude and Custer ramble on.

eNPR March 20: Custer is joined by Oblige, David Wilson, Josh Whitehead, Tebnshibo, Ralph "No Pants" Ericson, and... Pfeiffer. All talk, all the way, show extended to 1 hour, then the real pie throwing took place in the aftershow.

Jude Connors, G.A. Custer, and Artela co-host. Party PTO & ATO success Special Guest: Canadian rebel leader Addy Lawrence

Josh "Silverbeard" and Keshaun join Jude and Custer to discuss the hot topics of the day.

Oblige, Jude Connors, Artela, G.A. Custer. Josh "Silverbeard", Keshaun