Enlightenment and Transformation

Spirituality, and Ada Babino, & Baba Oyadare Illtunji

Enlightenment Transformation

Enlightenment Transformation

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ANU Asafo Global Spirituality


What is an Asafo?  Come and learn about scholarship and strategies for  the community


Asafo means warrior people. “Asa”  meaning war and “fo”  meaning  people when practically applied is warrior scholars.   This concept comes from the people of Ghana.  


It describes the type of people who use their intellect and scholarship to protect their community. When outsiders came to invade their land, this was the Akan people’s response.


The "ANU Asafo" broadcast is facilitated and hosted by students of the ANU Spiritual Order.

If you'd like to sign up and enroll in the pirestly order and receive top level spiritual training, find out more information about our spiritual coure here.


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