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Power of Harmony

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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Healing Power of Music

How do we use the power of music to heal and create?

Is is just as simple as putting on a song we enjoy and losing ourselves in the rhythm and harmony or is there more to it?

There is an intricate method to choosing the right sounds and instrumentation when composing musical sounds-capes.

Beyond our seven notes and their sharps and flats we have even more vibrations to be explored and expressed. The sacred science of music, dance, and singing is that is takes us beyond the delineation of calculation. What would we do if we had nothing to calculate? What would we do if we were free from the self imposed burden of self-limiting judgment?

Real music is freeing.

In these introductory sessions dealing with the science of music, we're starting with the primal representation of the drum. There are many drums, as we will come to learn. The drum is one of the simplest forms of natural reverberation that we can find. In it's simplest forms it can be only a piece of wood or wood and skin.

Tapping into these sounds frees us from the trappings of polarized thinking.

Imagine if you forced a blue jay to sing only certain notes, with a preset rhythm, at a preset time. Imagine if the bees were forced to all buzz one note.

It would set the entire planet into a state of discord or disharmony. If the planet is disharmonious, we are disharmonious.

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