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H. Yuya T. Assaan-ANU prepares you for your own spiritual shift on the popular Enlightenment and Transformation BlogtalkRadio network show "Foundational Friday". This show delves into the dark aspects of life altering wisdom and the illumination of soul enlightenment via occult studies, holistic health information, self-hypnosis, mental deprogramming, and cultural education. If you enjoy the "Foundational Friday" segment, and would like to ask a question or make a comment live on air, dial 347. 945.7680 and press the number one to speak to the host. On the third Friday of the month, H. Yuya T. Assaan ANU moderates a Question & Answer broadcast, where the listening audience is encouraged to dial in and ask questions pertaining to various areas and aspects of the occult sciences. When you're not listening to Enlightenment and Transformation's "Foundational Friday" segment, make sure to check out anunation.org for the calendar of upcoming ANU Nation events as well as to sign up for the ANU Nation newsletter. In addition, if you or someone you know is interested in registering for ANU Spiritual Order Training courses please visit www.saduluhouse.org. Join us on Fridays at 9:00p.m. for an hour of riveting information on the mysticism of the occult on the Enlightenment and Transformation BlogtalkRadio network show "Foundational Friday". To listen to the archives of past shows we urge you to visit www.enlightenmentandtransformation.com We thank you for your listening support. Be well

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ANU Asafo Global Spirituality What is an Asafo? Come and learn about scholarship and strategies for the community Asafo means warrior people. ?Asa? meaning war and ?fo? meaning people when practically applied... more
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Ma'at is the Kemetic (Egyptian) goddess of balance and truth. She weighed the hearts of men and deity alike with her feather as no one is exempt from the cosmic law of Ma'at. H. Yuya Assaan-ANU will give a breakdown of this... more

This ANU Asafo show features Rev. James Lamb of Pine Bluff, AR, the author of the book BLACK, which is his semi-auto-biographical text on the African-American Story in America. Along with our featured guest Rev. James Lamb, we have the... more

H. Yuya Asssan-ANU will be answering personal and spiritual questions live on air. Call in at 347 945 7680 to have your spiritual question answered with clarity and precision. If you would like to take classes on Orisha and African religion,... more

Join us this Sunday as we have one of the umfundi of ANU Spiritual order to discuss his path to and in spirituality as well as the musical guest Zion Trinity. Zion Trinity currently has a CD project called "Spirit of the Orisha" If you... more

The concept of the ?Asafo?, originating from the people of Ghana, means warrior people. The terms ?Asa? meaning war and ?fo? meaning people. Therefore when combined the terms ?Asa? and ?fo? mean warrior scholars. The Asafo used... more

On this week's ANU Asafo show please enjoy another segment of Your Vital Energy where fellow umfundi Tamu Ngina, speaks about herbs that are essential any household. Also, on this episode check out Sister Kweli Jennifer Jones.... more

Baba Kola Abimbola & Eric Mason: Baba Kola Abimbola is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Leicester, UK. He was previously an Assistant Professor at Seattle University where he taught Critical Thinking, Philosophy of the Human... more

Therefore Ganesha also signifies how easily he can remove obstacles. The elephant's trunk is extremely strong and dexterous. It can pick up a tiny peanut without breaking it just as easily it can move a boulder. This represents that... more

The movie Pan's Labyrinth directed by Guillermo Del Toro tells the story of a young girl named Ophelia coming into contact with a different world. She lives in Spain during a time when Catholicism reign and Fascism was taking over..

Noble Anpu Galileo Author, Astrologer, Teacher, Philanthropist, and Founder of My Astrology Coach. Anpu embarked on his journey in this lifetime in 2010 when he decided to accept his full time calling to serve the people. From his famous... more
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