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H. Yuya T. Assaan-ANU prepares you for your own spiritual shift on the popular Enlightenment and Transformation BlogtalkRadio network show "Foundational Friday". This show delves into the dark aspects of life altering wisdom and the illumination of soul enlightenment via occult studies, holistic health information, self-hypnosis, mental deprogramming, and cultural education. If you enjoy the "Foundational Friday" segment, and would like to ask a question or make a comment live on air, dial 347. 945.7680 and press the number one to speak to the host. On the third Friday of the month, H. Yuya T. Assaan ANU moderates a Question & Answer broadcast, where the listening audience is encouraged to dial in and ask questions pertaining to various areas and aspects of the occult sciences. When you're not listening to Enlightenment and Transformation's "Foundational Friday" segment, make sure to check out anunation.org for the calendar of upcoming ANU Nation events as well as to sign up for the ANU Nation newsletter. In addition, if you or someone you know is interested in registering for ANU Spiritual Order Training courses please visit www.saduluhouse.org. Join us on Fridays at 9:00p.m. for an hour of riveting information on the mysticism of the occult on the Enlightenment and Transformation BlogtalkRadio network show "Foundational Friday". To listen to the archives of past shows we urge you to visit www.enlightenmentandtransformation.com We thank you for your listening support. Be well

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"Defining Wealth" with Phylecia Tarael-ANU and Damon Rawls with a special segment from Tamu Ngina.

Chakras and Business In this segment Damon Rawls and Phylecia Tarael-ANU explore the function of the chakra system in our everyday work and wealth activities.

EnlightenmentandTransformation.com Welcome to the premier episode of ?Thunderground Thursday? on the Enlightenment and Transformation channel. In this segment Chief Yuya covers the precept of spiritual activism. The concept... more

www.EnlightenmentandTransformation.com Kasim Allah and Chief Yuya sit and discuss, family, politics, the Nation of Gods and Earths, 5 Percenters, Knowledge, African history, and much more. In this session Kasim Allah shares, with us, the... more

Master Minds Monday Join Damon Rawls and Phylecia Tarael-ANU with contribution from Tamu Ngina as they explore the connection between spirituality and wealth. Master Minds Monday is a segment that offers business advice,... more

Nalani Valentine ND, PhD, (known as Dr. Nalani) -is a Naturopathic Doctor of the Hygienic Sciences. She is the founder of New York's Heal by Touch Wellness Oasis, Co-Director of The Self-Healing Education Center in New York City, and... more

About Yirser Ra Hotep Yirser Ra Hotep is a master instructor of Yoga and the creator of the YogaSkills Method. He is the most senior instructor of Kemetic Yoga in the United States with over 30 years of experience practicing and... more

Meet Iya Abiye Awo Agbaye Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi, an Ifa priestess and Oloya (Chief Priest) at the Ile Iwosan Orunmila Mimo Temple. Learn more about the Aworeni lineage of Ifa, the role of women in contemporary American... more

Spiritual Awakening In this segment H. Yuya Assaan-ANU covers the recent abduction of over 200 school girls in Chibok, Nigeria as well as the concept and motives of true spiritual activism. The proliferation of New Age teachings has,... more

Olorisa Marcus Akinlana is an artist as well as an art gallery owner; a Sango priest; a martial artist/instructor; and a drummer/musician. Both, his Gallery/ILE/martial arts studio/music school are all located in the New Orleans... more
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