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Do you want guidance for your life journey? This show will answer your tough life questions,help guide you,center you and change your life experience.

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Sometimes topics are slow in coming and inspiration ebbs more than it flows, so I am reaching out to you, my listeners, and asking you to send me questions that you would like answers to. Email your questions here on Blog talk Radio or... more

When you take responisiblity for your role in all of your relationships you start to see yourself differenty and the person you are with. Being in your space, coming from a point of love and understanding of yourself will open a new door for new... more

Forget the New Years resolutions. Focus on what you already have going on with a different perception and watch how new and different opportunities present themselves to you! Join me for the disscusion on how to shift your perceptiona... more

Most of our time is comsumed with wishing we did a certain task or did that task differently. What if we saw things for what they are truly where? They are all steps to growth and strength of our physical self and energetic self. Tune in to... more

As humans we like to hold on to things, not only items but emotions. Feeling justified in why someone did us wrong and using the circumstance as seeing ourselves as a victim allows us to feel empowered. But what if I told you your... more

Most of us hurry to get from point A to point B, what are we missing in between? Empowering yourself by learing from each moment and experience is our next disscussion, join me.

What is the difference between you and someone who can heal, perform miracles and manifest what they want almost instantly? Tune in to discuss what that one thing is and how you can obtain it.

It is so easy to get caught up in disappointments about yourself. Maybe you feel like you are not doing what others want you to do you, maybe your putting other people's happiness before your own. Are you happy with your looks, or do you... more

Are you living pay check to pay check? Staying in a job that does not make you happy because of the benefits? I lived that life until I realized it was my life, my rules. I decided that I could do what made me happy and make money doing it. I... more

It is easy for us to blame others for how our life is going. What part do you play in what is happening around you and to you? Whether you know it or not you are the creator of your life. Join me for this powerful topic to discuss how... more
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