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This Is A Doppler Blueshift. It Is Intended To Be Transmitted To All, And Dimensionally Transmuted By All. It Is Free, And It Is Free For All. The Universe

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Entrance Harmonics Quote Of The Day The Animal King's Takeover The Library Of Alexandria The Folding In Of The Lost Martians & Failed Reality Technology This Is My Worst Nightmare Putting Together People And Memories Of A Time... more

Introductory Harmonics Quote Of The Day Missing The Items Of The Day Me On Television Getting "Interviewd" Fringe Season 1 Episode 8 Some Good T.V. Series And Games To Occupy The Wait My Very Own Fringe Case... more

Introductory Harmonics. Quote Of The Day. Guest. Probability Of Success. What We See. What We Don't See. What We Don't Want To See. What We Belive. What Is True? Separation Dis-Harmonics Special Anouncement: First Crossover... more

Introductory Harmonics Quote Of The Day My New Creations In The Mean Time: AD-Venture Central Intelligence Opportunity... More Quotes Frome Generally Acceped Smart People Fair Distribution Of Information In The United States Of... more

Introductory Harmonics Quote Of The Day Ghosts Socially Network Help Build The Future Upcoming Guest The Niburian In America Power Players "Bursting Into Life!" Seperation Dis-Harmonics Special Announcement: The Fallen Angel... more

Seperation Dis-Harmonics. Quote Of The Day. Item Of The Day. The Story. The Lesson Learned. Past, Present, Future. Hope. (For Real This Time) Guardians. No Fear. Look For The Signs. Unity Harmonics. Epoch.

Introductory Harmonics Quote Of The Day The Proposal (Again) Lemuria The All Powerful The Return Home Find The Children And Those Worthy The Call Of Lord Metatron: Save The Earth Separation Dis-Harmonics Unity.

Source. The Point At Which Something Springs Into Being Or From Which It Derives Or Is Obtained. The Cause Of Somthing. A Referance Point For A Full Circle. But Not The Only One... The Beginning. The Quote Of The Day. The... more