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Reiki Master, Certified Sound Therapist and Labyrinth Facilitator, as well as a contributing editor for various spiritual and holistic health magazines, T focuses on how energy effects every aspect of our lives. Learn how to raise your awareness, consciousness and vibration so you can live the best life possible. T shares her wealth of information on energy awareness, and also interviews guests who will reveal their own stories, tips and insight to help you tap into the energy of the universe.

On-Demand Episodes

Angel Tucker is an award winning author, professional speaker and expert personality profiler. She has been empowering audiences with the ability to read personality types within 60 seconds all across North America for the past 20... more

Call in and ask psychic Lisa Kay to provide you with insight about your future. One question per caller please.

Call in for your personality profile. Kerri Hopkins developed a method of determining your personality traits from your name. She can tell you how a name change has impacted your personality. Call in to find out about yourself!

Living in a happy family is good for your health, longevity, productivity, and success. Written by best-selling author Dr. Scott Haltzman, The Secrets of Happy Families is filled with smart, wise, and often humorous tips for families who want... more

Author Robert Allen Bonelli has written a treatise on liberty that is different from most currently published works on the subject. It is a modern-day Common Sense, educating the reader to the potential threat to American liberty in a... more

Learn to live life to the fullest! Chernoff writes, "We each have a path and purpose in life, a destiny as unique as our own fingerprints, yet we often live lives of petty obscurity and quiet desperation, ignoring our truth. It is our prerogative to find... more

The September Issue is out and Tammy Mastroberte is back to tell us all about it. Cover story: Melissa Etheridge. Feature stories: Organic Food, Angels, Law of Attraction and so much more!

What is tantric sex? Where did it originate? What are the benefits? How common is it in the United States? Tune-in for a frank discussion on a topic that is sometimes mis-understood. Dr. Sally Valentine will clarify any misconceptions... more

Host of her own TV show and psyhic to world leaders, Claudette is joining us tonight to provide callers with their own psychic reading. Call in, ask your question and let Claudette provide you the insight you need to move forward in your life.... more

Having trouble letting go of all that stuff that is keeping you from moving forward? If the answer is yes, then listen in as expert Guy Finley guides your soul through common sense, humor and ultimate spirituality helpng to remove the blockages... more