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    Episode 3 -- Still Healing! Still Energy!

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    We say we bring energy services to the the overwhelmed and underserved. Then we added UNDETERRED. What does this mean? Find out in this pick-me-up, pick-you-up, stress-releasing  installment of The HealMobile.

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    Your Life~You Create

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    The relationship of the mind, the nervous system, the energy systems, and the impact all have to the other in attracting events and circumstances into your life.
    In order to create a different outcome we must create change at the deepest levels of existence.  First by creating the event in the mind, the nervous system records the event as true thereby impacting the energetic systems sending out the vibration of a new reality while attracting energies of the same.
    I invite you to listen, participate, and begin the creation of the life you wish you be living.  When we experience through our imagination utilizing all senses our body registers the experience as something that has already happened.
    Tune in next week for more discussion on the sub-parts as they relate to the energetic field.  Sub-parts can be defined as the different aspects of self that sabotage the vision.
    I invite you to email me with any questions or challenges you may be experiencing, or any areas you would like to know more.  Please comment or send your questions to tina.brigitini.com.
    Many blessings as you travel.

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    FEELing Your Way Through The Energy Ups & Downs

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    O NE W ith Nature -
    OWN Your Life!
    Hosted By: Angel (aka NamasteAngel3737 and Namaste Angel on Facebook) 
    Angel is an Energy Expert and has not been shy about the topic of The Shift, Ascension, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides (i.e. how to talk to Them and Hear Them better!). She also, Quite Playfully, calls HerSelf a "Grid Engineer" and Scribe while talking often of The Unity Consciousness Grid, Its Activation and Energy Adjustments.
    She talks openly about the Symptoms of Ascension 3D and 5D and LOVES to give You Information straight from Her Guides to YOU! For more years than Angel can recall - She has had a Group of Guides who only wish to be called "They" or "We" who help Her to explain "what's happening" throughout The Shift in a way that is Universal in Understanding. She likes to keep it Light, Loves to Laugh and is a Bottom Line kind of Gal when She Delivers The Information!
    Angel will JoyFully Host this 90 minute program and will be talking about How To Handle The Energy Ups and Downs of This Once In a GalaxyTime SHIFT!
    Now That The Grid is Fully Locked In Many of Us Are Experiencing The Surfacing of Emotions That Have Been Lying Dormant In Our Energy Bodies. The DEEP Energy Patterns That Are Coming Through to Show YOU that YOU NO LONGER NEED THEM! In Other Words We Want To Talk About CONTRAST! So We Will Chat About The Why's of This Happening and Some Suggestions On How To Get Clear About These Patterns - Where They Originate From And HOW TO RELEASE THEM TO THE GRID FOREVER (to be Recycled Through Source Energy)!
    ONEistic is The New Way of Life for People Who *know* That We Are In The Midst of An Energy Shift of Galactic Proportions!
    Check out Angel:
    ONEisticYOU That Is!

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    Pilot episode of New Green Energy Today.

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    Introduction of New Green Energy Today. The what, and why we are here. To bring the listener the lastest news, and views of the Alternative energy industry. To educate, and enlighten energy consumers about information that is rarely heard about in daily news casts! and a whole lot more.

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    CT Nation Premiere Show

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    Inviting the opinions and theories from other about everything that lies within our universe.
    Tonights Topics:
    Law of attraction or You Reap what you sow?
    Is our energy in control, is is God?
    Bring your theories.
    Thank you

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    Crystal Chemistry Chat

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    Well, it might be more like a talk on crystals but I could not resist the opportunity to have the catchy three C words there. I'll be talking about the mineral make up along with some history on how the crystals were used. This will be one of many shows that has the geological components mixed in with metaphysical beliefs.
    What will be different with this show is that I will bring more rocks (specifically crystals) into the room with me. My hopes are for information to be shared with you that is channeled in some way but not to levitate around the room because of all the minerals in it! Well... it will be a live show, so we will just have to wait and see (hear) what happens ;)
    Books cited: The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Judy Hall. e.guides Rocks and Minerals, John Farndon.
    Website: www.BlueAventurine.com/fourm/

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    SiriusSun13 practice intro run.

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        Da13thSun                        A
    Sirius Sun Child of  Sirius Star C.  Where the Dark Matter starts and protected by xylanthia.

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    Change For Life #11

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    How do we more easily change in a world that is constantly changing? If we consider that the earth rotates and time passes then no moment is ever the same. By this logic change for us as human beings should be seamless and effortless, yet we constantly struggle with change in our lives. However, we need to be clear that while change may seem difficult it is not the only factor, we also need to evolve. Understanding this distinction can and will make things in our life more effortless. Our insistence of assigning the wrong information to any given issue only solidifies the problem further making it nearly impossible to resolve. This wrong information inevitably leads to pain, discomfort, sickness, disease, relationship troubles, career and money problems all ultimately affecting our health and well being. 
    It is time to resolve these weaknesses and move past these silly little limitations that keep you from being your true self, that keep you from realizing your true potential. Connecting with the true answer or the core issue of a problem is the best way to unblock what is hindering you.
    I have helped thousands of people create change in their lives on the spot. And I can help you too. Check out the show and call in with any issue you might have and we can begin resolving it right on the spot. Lets get rid of your pain and silly excuses that are keeping you stuck. You can have change for life and today is the best day to start.
    God Bless

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    Spotlight on Melanie Bonita-DAILY DOSE OF DETERMINATION!

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     "A Daily Dose of Determination will help you get determined, dedicated and driven to accomplish your dreams, goals, and aspirations. With determination, drive and desire there’s nothing that will be impossible for you! When you come take this 90 day journey, it will truly drive you towards your desired outcome!
    You don't want to miss this show!

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