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The Deskins & The Turner Case... More Corruption

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Washington State Corruption

Washington State Corruption


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These are only 2 of the cases I am aware of but there are many more, these particular cases are so bizzare that honestly, if I wasn't going through what I am, & haven't experienced it first hand even I wouldn't believe it.

It is a twisted tale of corrupt prosecutors, taking "donations" for his charity, claiming it wasn't then finding out it is affiliated with a charity that is under scrutiny with the Washington state attorney general. It is about illegal seizure & just about every single violation of Constitutional Rights I have ever seen. About forged viseotapes & documents & a study in what happens to you if you are a woman & you sass the "good old boys club"

It is also a case of rescues selling their rescued animals to horse meat dealers, of a cop, a rescue & a shelter manager that all have a part in the rescue that uses the same meat dealer as a "foster" home. It is one of the strangest most collusional set-ups I have ever seen n my life, the cop does the investgation, gets the warrant, does the seizure with the AC person who heads the rescue, but don't forget his wife is part of this rescue & of another one that they funnel the rescued animals to the meat dealer with. So they all work together to take animals, then they ask the courts for 10 to 16K for care of the animals then they sell them to the meat dealer, so either way they make money hand over fist... Did I mention that they get donations from the City & from the shelter as well!

It is also a study of just how the media influences these cases, in the Turner case they listed the names of the animals, the lady's first middle & last name & even her address, they did a story about teh animals every time they burped or coughed begging for donations for the rescue group but somehow forgot to mention one of the horses was forfieted & another one died a slow agonizing death