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End of All Hope

End of All Hope


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A fictional podcast following three survivors as they trek across the country trying to survive an alien invasion.

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Ava has been exposed, but it doesn't matter. Shriekers have appeared and they are wreaking havoc on the quarantine zone. Ava rushes back to help Mark and Jay, but everyone gets separated in the commotion. Now they must fight to... more

Ambridge confronts Ava about her secret. With danger looming, Ava tries to talk her way out of trouble. Her escape plan seems to be put on hold until creatures swarm the base, putting her plan into high gear as Ambridge decides to stop... more

Ava continues her charade of Chief Science Officer. Mark has finally awakened and it doesn't take long before he realizes the ever-present danger surrounding him. Jay and Mark must put their trust in Ava as she tries to plot an escape... more

Ava keeps up her act of Dr. Katherine Bennett in an effort to find out what's going on. Jay and Serena play along. Eventually they're taken on a tour of the camp, but how long can she keep the act up? If you would like to help donate, visit... more

There are new creatures stalking the woods. After Ava and company are rescued, they are brought to a small town where a military outpost has been set up. It doesn't take long before they are screened and quarantined. This will definitely... more

After surviving the car wreck, Ava and company try to distance themselves from the road. While exploring a gas station they come face to face with a new threat; something they haven't seen before. It's not long before they are once again... more

The alien creatures have appeared at the motel. Ava and company must make a quick getaway. Even when they make it to the car and drive off, the aliens are in hot pursuit. Follow @7LambPodcasts www.facebook.com/7LambPodcasts

The group decides to take a break from driving and stops at a motel to catch up on sleep. But Ava's restlessness takes her on a stroll where she finds out that not everyone is aware of what's happening. Don't forget to rate and review on... more

The group gets stuck in heavy traffic as many people try to flee the big cities. After dropping Serena and Riley off at a near gas station, Ava decides to lend a helping hand which sparks some debate from Mark and turns their group of three... more

Looters may have attacked Ava, Mark, and Jay but that doesn't deter them from being good samaritans. The group pulls to the side of the road to help two unlucky travelers, before continuing their journey west. Don't forget to rate and... more