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Welocome to Encouragement "Blossoms" In The Trauma, Inc. Radio we are here because we want to share with the audience what Encouragement "Bossoms" In The Trauma, Inc is about, why we exist, and the free services that we have to offer so that those who are past childhood survivors of abuse, the homeless, and families and women in domestic violence situations will be more familiar with Encouragement "Blossoms" Services. We offer free online trauma classes from our book called The Struggle Within and 1-3 months of Encouragement Services depending on the indidvual needs of the person. Do you often find yourself needing encouragement, an listening ear who will not judge you but walk with you through your crisis? Call an Encouragement Buddy today at 1-866-524-4828. The call is free internationally. Do you have some encouragement to share and would like to be on the show, please let us know by mail, e-mail, or phone. We start at 3:00a.m. on Fridays because people often find themselves depressed, children, teens, the homeless, and those in domestic violence situations are often finding themselves in a traumatic crisis and are looking for away out and can use some soothe, smooth listening music, good poetry, and a relaxing talk. During Encouragement "Blossoms" Inc. 1 hour show 2 5 minute-10 minute breaks are given . During the break soothing music about forgiveness and not giving up on yourself is playing. Before the show we start out every show with music In The Trauma Of ABuse(at this time), sometimes our poetry is read, we may even go over or read some books for those who are listening about how to handle better relationships. Want you please join us? An Encouragement "Blossomer" will be available to take incoming calls and prayer request. Ask about our loads of free Never Quit On Yourself book, poems, music, In The Trauma Of Abuse book, poetry, music, etc. by calling 1-866-524-4828.Hours Monday-Sunday 8:00a.m.-11:30p

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Encouragement Javvi

Encouragement "Blossoms"

  • by Encouragement Javvi
Encouragement "Blossoms" Inc. We are Encouragement "Blossoms" In The Trauma, Inc. where we help mend the hearts of the broken hearted right within their hearts, where love and peace helps meet them home. We are revolving... more
Encouragement Javvi

Tool Kit Will Be Read

  • by Encouragement Javvi
Hi everyone, Thank you for dropping by Encouragement "Blossoms" Inc. We wanted to let you know that in Feb.2009 we will be doing an tool kit guide called The Struggle Within that deals with why people hold on to past relationships... more