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EMS Office Hours


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Weekly EMS podcast from Jim Hoffman of EMSSEO.com. Joined by Co-Host Josh Knapp of WANTYNU.com. Join us for live discussions about timely EMS industry topics, useful services and products for paramedics and EMT's and interact with us live via Chat or call in.

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If you have been in EMS for any length of time you most likely have had the pleasure of the pucker factor. That call that gets you stressed before you even get there. EMS dispatch assignments such as pediatrics, major trauma or cardiac... more

This episode we discuss a recent video where EMS providers in NYC are shown with a patient in police custody who ended up dying. More importantly we talk about the all the Monday Morning Quarterbacks that have judged and sentenced... more

EMS has a language of it's own. Have you ever tried talking to someone outside of EMS about a call you had, the way you do things at work or even explaining how a protocol works? They usually get confused, don't understand or it's... more

This second half of last weeks live episode with Dave Brenner talks about reading 12 lead ECGs and why we should go beyond the basics of just identifying a STEMI. We also discuss why you should want to go beyond the basics in this... more

Join the live EMS Paramedic talk radio show with Jim Hoffman and Dave Brenner this week. Josh may call in and join the crew as a car cast. This week we talk about 24 hour shifts, 12 leads and other great EMS topics. Join us live in... more

As EMS professionals we do a job. Part of that job is being available to take calls and respond in a timely manner. Utilization of EMS crews and tracking times on scene, in hospitals etc. ensure we are meeting the goals of response. However,... more

Join us for the live EMS Paramedic radio show. Jim, Josh and Dave will bring their own topics and open the back of the ambulance doors so you can add your own to the jump bag. The bag is as full as ever but we can jam some more... more

EMS is tough. Lots of training, stress, patients, families and even supervisors all make a days work in the EMT/Paramedic life. But what about when your very own partner is a total ass. Maybe to you, to patients or even other health care... more

How is your summer going so far? It's early June and time for another EMS Rapid Fire episode where we discuss anything here on the show. EMS news, social media, training and more. We are sure to bring up questions we recieved from... more