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Empress Chi

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Host: Empress Chi---- Empress Chi is the visionary,architect, and sole founder of the historic 1997 Million Woman March and President General of the MWM Universal Movements. The historic 1997 Million Woman March is the largest gathering in the world of any women, anywhere, and now it is rising up as more than just an organization but a nation building pro-active force and self-determined entity. The International Million Woman Movement (I-MWM) is the only official apparatus authorized from the Founding and National (original) MWM and is armed to proceed in divine order and with that the work mandated from its original mission, platform and protracted struggle for holistic Power, Prosperity , and Peace. The present mission of the I-MWM is to motivate, mobilize, and empower women and girls of African descent throughout the Diaspora as it further builds the first global Movement for women and girls of African descent of all faiths, nationalities, political affiliations, etc. While the show's dialog will be of particular interesdt to Black females,the entire family will find topics of interest and information to empower and inspire.

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Tonight: Sat. April 12, 2014 on "NU Day" Part 1 of a three (3) part series on: "Traitors, Saboteurs , and Disruptive Opportunist in Our Movements, Communities, and Families" What Needs To Be Done! Tonight's on the "LIVE... more

Tonight Thurs. April 10, 2014 on "NU Day" Part 3 of "Getting Rid of the Willie Lynch Chip" and countering the brainwashing that we have all been exposed to. On the LIVE LINE with Dr. Kwabena Ashanti author of the Willie Lynch... more

TONIGHT: Tues. April 8, 2014 A "SPECIAL EDITION" of NU DAY Part 2 with Dr. Kwabena Ashanti "Getting Rid of the Willie Lynch Chip"

Tonight: Mon. April 7, 2014 on NU Day Getting Rid Of Willie Lynch and more.....Part 2: with Dr. Kwabena Ashanti, author of the "Willie Lynch Letter" and "Psychotechnology of Brainwashing" Do you know how to get rid of your Wille... more

TONIGHT: Sat. April 5, 2014 on "NU Day" Celebrating our Seventh (7) Year of "Speaking Truth To Power" broadcasting. Join us as we now take NU Day to a whole nother level Our On The "LIVE LINE" Extended Family Guest is Dr.... more

Tonight: Sat. March 29, 2014 on "NU Day" Continuing our Women's History Month 2014 Salute. ALSO: Marissa Alexander update and a report on this week's Press Conference held in DC by the National Pastors Task Force to Repeal Stand... more

Tonight Sat. March 22, 2014 on "NU Day" Continuin our "Women's History Month" WE PAY TRIBUTE TO THE MOTHER OF CIVILIZATION and A "Special Salute" to African Women from Antquity to Present Day. OPEN MIC: Share a... more

Tonight Sat. March 15, 2014 on "NU Day" The continuation of Women's History Month and our Salute to our great Black Women from Antiguity to present day. ALSO: The story and case of Shannon Nyamobi

Tonight: Wed. March 12, 2014 A SPECIAL EDITION of "NU Day" Continuation of our "Women's History Month" 2014 observance and Salutes to GREAT AFRICAN WOMEN both of antiquity and present day. ALSO: The ongoing struggle to keep... more

Tonight: Sat. March 8, 2014 A Special "International Women's Day" Announcement The Million Woman Party and the Peoples Progressive and self-Determination Party AND: "We Love You Baba Chokwe" Our continued... more