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This week my guest is Julie King. We are going to be discussing and taking questions about how the cards can give you tools to stay focused as the world is changing so rapidly. Julie King's motto is ?If you can see the future you can... more

AWAKENING THE GODDESS THROUGH ASTROLOGY. On today's show we will be discussing Juno, Vesta, Pallas Athena and Ceres, collectively known as 'The Goddess Asteroids' along with Black Moon Lilith. Together, all these... more

This Week on Living Astrology Radio: Astrology Readings - Looking Back at 2014 & Looking Forward to 2015 Today's show is all about the story of YOU. We'll start by taking a look at some of the most important astrological transits of 2014... more

This week on Tarot of Empowerment: A free gift and a free reading by Judyth Sult ‘Tis the season of giving and Judyth will be giving free personal year numerology readings on Tarot of Empowerment Radio Wednesday, December... more

Today on Living Astrology - Uranus-Pluto Square, Dreams and Other Fun Stuff with Guest Dr. Michael Lennox My guest today is Dr Michael Lennox, author, astrologer and dream interpreter. Write down all those dreams as callers today... more

This Week on Tarot of Empowerment: Learn about thankfulness through Tarot Be prepared to be surprised and touched when you learn what role thankfulness plays in your life. Judyth will discuss how the Major Arcana represent... more

This Week on What's Right About Men? What's Next with What's Right About Men? Where direction do you the listener want to see this show go in the future? What topics do you want us to address and discuss? What would you... more

Today on Living Astrology Radio: Black Moon/Lilith in Virgo - Interview with Laura Walker of Oracle Report Next week the Black Moon-Lilith moves out of the sign of Leo and into Virgo. Remember from previous shows we've done on the Black... more

Today on What's Right About Men? - Why Men Don't Listen to Women. If you are a woman have you ever ever asked your boyfriend or husband why don't you ever listen to me? If you are a man you know the times when you heard the words... more

Today on Living Astrology Radio - 11 Steps for Creating Empowering Beliefs: Interview with Karen McKy Early in October we talked about the types of beliefs that we have that stop us from enjoying Financial Abundance, Healthy... more