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    "You Can Get Over It" on NEXT LEVEL LIVING!

    in Motivation

    Feeling overwhelmed by the struggles, challenges, and transitions of Life? Is the guilt of your PAST affecting your FUTURE? Join Coach Terrance and Melody Byrd as they welcome  Apostle T.L. and Prophetess Kierra M. Dantzler, authirs of the book "You Can Get Over It".
    They will discuss how they came up with the vision for book as well as the journey they took from writing to publishing the book. This book offers "Healing to the Hurting; Deliverance for the Captives, Liberty to those who are bound and gives courage to move out of the old and into the new."
    Join us at our new time 7pm EST, 6pm CST @ 626-414-3490. You can also join us in the Chat room and ask questions or leave a comment.
    NEXT LEVEL LIVING with Coach Terrance: Talking to Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things as they live life on the Next Level!

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    WOVA Cafe

    in Women

    30 minute show with Kimberli Russell and Juliannah Richmond.

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    You Are What You Love ®

    in Self Help

    Click here to listen: www.PurpleV.com. Then click on "V's chat" and "Listen Live BTR" in the upper right hand corner. V is traveling and teaching Texas this Sunday so she has made a very specail pre-recorded show about the life and death of her beloved friend Hal Siemer. Vaishali knows you will enjoy it and looks forward to being live in the studio next week to take your calls. If you would like a written version of Hal's story you can check out V's story about Hal on the Huffington Post at this URL:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/vaishali/fear-of-dying_b_935463.html

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    9-11-11 SACRED SPACES

    in Spirituality

    Join RiverMoon* and CinnamonMoon as they go beyond the mundane to enhance your life. Ride the Winds of Change as you explore spiritual and shamanic practices. Create a foundation for developing your innate sensory abilities. Dance with the elemental forces. Tap into guidance and come to know the greater sacred mysteries. With over 40 years of combined experience as Spiritual Life Coaches and Readers, they enjoy sharing insights and invite your questions assisting you to achieve a greater sense of Self-empowerment. Visit www.spiritlodge.info for more information on workshops, seminars, certified courses of study and optional personal services.

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    The Prophetic and Money! Where do you stand?

    in Religion

    Join Apostle Chappelle and special guests as teaches on the prophetic ministry and money. Where do you stand on this issue? Who is on the Lord's side? Tell three people to join us on Monday, September 19th.

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    Work Place Empowerment

    in Social Networking

    Todays Topic is: Success in the Workplace - We will be dealing with the Kingdom principles that will help us to Be more, so we will be able to Do more, which will cause us to Have more (promotion and increase)in the workplace.

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    Native Hip Hop Artist - QUESE IMC on Native Trailblazers

    in Entertainment

    Quese IMC, (Pawnee and Seminole ) born Marcus Frejo Little Eagle, is an award-winning Hip Hop Emcee, independent music producer, and cultural activist with artistic styles that mixes Hip Hop and traditional Native American traditional music  --- Quese IMC has Competed in national Emcee Battles, including MTV’s “Def Jam,” and has opened for such Hip Hop legends as Snoop Dogg; Ludacris; Petey Pablo; Grandmaster Flash; The Pharcyde; and Kumbia Kings. --- Quese IMC co-founder with brother Brian Frejo (DJ Shock B) of Culture Shock Camp, has toured more than 400 reservations and cities nationwide playing to crowds as large as 25,000. ---Through his musical performances and motivational speaking, travels across Indian Country reaching out to Native American youth to promote a message of empowerment, cultural pride, drug and alcohol free living and healthy lifestyles. --- Check him out at - www.nvisionit.org and www.queseimcmusic.com
    Are you interested in Spectacular, Amazing & Successful Native People or People of Native Heart? Then you, my wonderful friends are cordially invited to the Native Trailblazers BlogTalkRadio show with host, (journalist, book author and public speaker) Vincent Schilling - every Friday 7 pm EST – Can’t make the show?  – No worries, every show is archived and available after the show. Register free & join us in the chat room during the live broadcast - www.blogtalkradio.com/nativetrailblazers- download the podcast on iTunes (search Native Trailblazers) - Follow us on Twitter www.Twitter.com/Nativetrailblaz

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    Motivational Mondays - "Give Yourself Permission To Succeed"

    in Women

    Enjoy 30 minute segments of inspirational conversation surrounding certain topics that not only plague the LGBT community, but ALL individuals.
    You will be inspired to do more, be more and to respond versus react in certain situations. Break through whatever is holding you back and live the life you deserve.
    Get empowered!
    This week's topic - "Give Yourself Permission To Succeed"
    For more information on Coach Kerri, visit www.KerriRSmith.com

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    in Spirituality

    MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS is designed to have you be a miracle manifesting.  We are all capable of experiencing the miracle of life, awareness, consciousness, with bliss, fun and intention.  This show is geared to both women and men, glorious relationships, wellness multi-dimensionally, wealth on every level, planetary sustainability, conscious evolution, and more. 
        Who Am I?  I am a Spark of Divinity, a born Mystic Intuitivem also a Spiritual Therapist, Clairvoyant Consultant, Author, Artist, Mom, Grammie, Enagic Kangen Water (R) Distributor -- Dist ID 7241840 (http://www,GoddessHeartWater.com ), Vegan Raw Food Enthusiast, Transformation Catalyst.  Check out http://www.Audrye.org.  Call me at 1 888 75 PEACE or 1 888 757 3223.
        My book, THE MOTHER'S MANUAL, A SPIRITUAL AND PRACTICAL GUIDE TO CHILD REARING AND MOTHERHOOD, at http://www.TheMothersManual.com, and soon on Kindle, transforms you.  
        Weekly Segments include Affirmations, Breathing Attunements, Thoughts for Mulling, THE MOTHER'S MANUAL, (www.Facebook.com/TheMothersManual ) , Children's Ideas, Relationship Queries, Real Life Spirituality, Race Perspectives, Pet Peeves, Completing the Past-Creating the Future-Living the NOW, Ecological Tips, Emotional Enhancement, Consciousness With Joy, Laugh Out Loud, Youth & Age, Vegan Rawcipes, Paradigm Shifts, Exercise Tips, Gratitude and Thank Yous, Audience Contributions, Closing Blessings, MORE!!!!

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    Transition Part II - Career Power

    in Women

    Transition is usually, about change, it is about deliberately moving away from a struggle into another phase of your life.  We can transition in so many different areas and sometimes it may not even be physical like the children of Israel had to do, but we find ourselves time and time again at the place where we need the change and we have to do our best to get it moving. Bidemi Mark - Mordi WAN Nigeria.... For More listen or watch the show below

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    Honor your passion your purpose and those who honor you!

    in Family

    As we continue our Purpose Filled Series. We are honoring our purpose, passion and those who honor what we do. The law of return is no joke. It is ver real.

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    Women's Empowerment Dinner

    in Women

    This is an invitation to all of my sisters across the globe to attend the Annual Wailing Women Implosion's "Women Empowerment Dinner" The event is held on August 1-3, 2011 in Houston, Texas, USA.

    I will be giving not only information about the event but brief information about Minister Lisa Shelton and her ministry, Wailing Women Implosion.

    You can visit the ministry website at: www.wailingwomenimplosion.org

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