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    Heal Your Life - A study and review of Louise Hay's book.

    in Caregiving

    Join Kimberley as she reviews Louise Hay's " THE LIST" from "You Can Heal Your Life". Louise's wonderful wisdom teaches us that our mental patterns contribute to disease ... the two major mental patterns that manifest as disease in our bodies is fear and anger.   These thoughts poison the body. When we release this burden, all the organs in our body begin to function properly. Kimberly will review some of the most common physical problems we are plagued with and the associated probable cause .. then she will share a New Thought Pattern.   Kimberley is a Reiki Master Teacher descendant of Cherokee Ancestors. She is a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Law of Attraction Teacher/Consultant, National Radio Host, Speaker and Empowerment Coach.   Kimberley combines the ancient tradition of Holistic Energy Healing, Native American Healing practices and her intuitive gifts to create a wonderfully unique experience.    Schedule your personal session with Kimberley at BeHappyandBeHealthy@yahoo.com.    Your session will give you tools and support to connect you to your Divine inspiration and live your life in harmony and balance .... while being Happy & Healthy.

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    “Wait broke the wagon down”, a childhood saying that popped up when you told someone to ‘wait’.  There’s waiting and then there’s passive waiting. Fidgety. Grumpy. Mumbly. Looking for a reason to be offended. Complaining. Watch watching. It motivates way too many loud cell phone convos we could do without.  If there are children involved, they’re cranky or downright out of control. That’s one more layer of frustration! By the time you’re finished with whatever you were waiting to do, you are not in an excellent mood. Physically, not feeling your best either. Obviously, you are carrying too much wait!
    Do you allow others to leave you hanging while you wait for them to appear? People who don’t show up as agreed? Others who have “emergencies” that infringe on your time? Some who are vague about their plans but you wait for them anyway? Those who show up unannounced and expect you to accommodate their intrusion. How many times could you have used time you spent waiting on some one, to do something you wanted to do? Apparently, you are carrying too much wait!
    Why allow waiting to zap your energy, leave you drained with a horror story to repeat over & over so that you end up drained again?
    Join the InnerNet Divas at the kitchen table to figure out how to drop that wait!

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    Not Just Talkin' the Talk - How We Love Our Kids

    in Parents

    What "love style" does your child communicate in?
    Are you ready to eliminate the "buttons" your kids push to get at you?
    Do you desire a close connection with your child that will last a lifetime?
    Join Linda and her guests Milan and Kay Yerkovich for a time of parental empowerment. The Yerkovich's book, "How We Love Our Kids" helps parents of all stages reduce the drama in their homes and increase the connection by introducing us to the 5 Love Styles of parenting.
    For more information visit www.howwelove.com 

    Be sure to check out www.LivePowerfullyNow.org for daily encouragement from our host Linda Goldfarb and other Power Team members.

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    Dee Wallace - Bright Light

    in Spirituality

    Bright Light focuses on channeling the very latest information that the collective consciousness is bringing in. Dee summarizes specific points, and then takes live calls with listeners to help them understand the personal blocks that are in their way of creation. Sometimes a bit irreverent, incredibly accurate, and always fun, Dee guides us to embrace the God that we are, and our duty to direct energy as part of the creation process. If you really want to take charge of your life, tune in to Bright Light. You won't be disappointed!

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    in Lifestyle

    I AM Mia "the skillionaire" Williamson, Empowerment Minister / Author / Radio Personality & Coach! Founder of A.I.M. Global Outreach & Empowerment and I teach people how to find SOLUTIONS for their life! While everyone is focused on what SUCCESS "LOOKS" LIKE..I teach people from pulpits across america to board rooms in corporate america that before you can get the "bling" you need to first have a "spring" (board). I give people practical techniques to break free from drug and alcohol addiction, abuse, promiscuity and many other harmful behaviors we tend to get engulfed in, that begin as small "tries" but evolve quickly into LIFESTYLES. My books are based on real life occurrences adapted from my personal experiences and include everything from rape, physical abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, homelessness, single parenting, depression, etc. 

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    C.O.R.E. ~ Setting Healthy Boundaries

    in Self Help

    Have you had a life check-up lately? Remember to set healthy boundaries in every aspect of your life. When you do, you are defining the life you desire & you are silently asking the universe to treat you accordingly! Learning to set boundaries is critical if you want to be happy, healthy, productive and live "guilt" free. Setting limits is a way of defining who you are and what you desire; what you will and will not do; what is acceptable and what is not. Setting boundaries is a crucial step to gaining control of your life, your relationships and your future! Join Empowerment Coaches Mary Anne and Eluise as they discuss how healthy boundaries are a CORE element to your self empowerment.

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    Women With A Call Life Empowerment Network: Spring Cleaning Is Here

    in Women

    Time out for excuses and time for dealing with things that impede us moving in our purpose.

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    Spiritual Lessons & Readings with Michele Meiche

    in Spirituality

    12pm PST --- "One on One with Michele." Host MICHELE MEICHE shares her weekly Soul Insights, Ascension Information; as well as 2012 & beyond updates. She answers your questions, and does channeled readings. What is your Soul's Purpose & how can you actualize this? What is your role, your path, and what are the signs in your life and in the world telling you? How do you acclimate to the New Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness? In addition to calling into the show, you can also email your questions to be covered on air at awakenings@selfinlight.com. In the second portion of the show, 

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    Milton Allimadi, Publisher of the Black Star News, on The Empowerment Hour Online University

    in Business

    This week on the Empowerment Hour Online University in it's mission to Empower people of color throughout the world we welcome back to the program
    Milton Allimadi, Publisher of the Black Star News. Mr. Allimadi will be discussing political, economic issues in this country and throughout the African Continent along with discussing the current state of Black media in this country.

    Milton Allimadi is also the author of
    The Hearts of Darkness
    (How White Writers Created The Racist Image of Africa)

    Available in the Empowerment Mall

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    Tribal Chat with Jill Marie

    in Self Help

    In all the years in private practice as a natural healer, shaman and coach, I carried a different perspective on the meaning and purpose of "love and relationships." In my 40's, I observed that not only was I a muse and mentor for my clients, I was also a muse / mentor for my lovers. I knew it was time to call in my true beloved...

    Three months prior to my 49th birthday, I met my beloved life partner... first in a dream, then, in person. We became married thirteen full moons later at my parent's home in southern California. After the wedding, we said our goodbye's to our children in Colorado, and spent our honeymoon driving up along the West Coast until we settled in Silicon Valley.

    In two years, I reopened my private practice, and founded/organized three meetup groups - two for women's only, and one co-ed group called the AUTHENTIC LOVE CLUB.

    I facilitate seminars, workshops and retreats for men and women seeking a new mindbody makeover in their life and relationships.


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    Solutions for a Small Planet

    in Spirituality

    Good News! Our current personal and planetary challenges all have solutions. Surprisingly, solutions to problems are often present before problems ever arise, but we rarely see them until we really need them. This is a very exciting time on Earth. More than ever it is a creative adventure with risks and rewards at almost every turn. With Gaia as our guide and companion we will explore new options and ideas, unlimited potentials, untested theories, and new visions for tomorrow and beyond.