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    Success In Motion Radio - "Above Average - Living, Loving, Laboring!"

    in Motivation

    Join us each week as we create, combat and conquer the steps necessary for each of us to step into the greatness that we were created to acheieve and release!

    Average = an amount, standard, level, or rate regarded as usual or ordinary;

    One of the main things that can hinder, hold or haunt us on our quest for a greater way of life, is that fact that many of us have become complacent with just being average. The truth is that in order to have or give more we’ve got to BE more. As deep as this may seem, it’s actually isn’t that far off because each of us has the ability to break out of our shells and release our true greatness upon the world. Join us in tonight’s conversation as we break out of the AVERAGE ZONE and dive into the topic:

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    Inspired Lady Chats with the President of Sumer LLC, Michelle Salater Part I

    in Spirituality

    Michelle Talks with Inspired Lady Radio Host Chantilly, about joy, creativity,purpose our favorite quotes, and her website copy, SEO copywritting,marketing and promotion business Written By Sumer. We apologize for the technical difficulties at the end of the show. This part I of our interview with Michelle Salater. Please watch for Part II of our interview with Michelle 1/20/2011 : )

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    Luis Angel Diaz Best-Selling Author "Cellular Memory Release"

    in Self Help

    Luis Angel Diaz has developed a practical and effective process for emotional education and healing. Known as the CMR (Cellular Memory Release process, it is a cohesive and integrated system to transform core beliefs that causes discomfort, disease and suffering in us.

    Luis, has more than 25 years of experience in healing and empowerment and is trained and certified in several modalities in natural and alternative medicine.

    The foundational techniques of the CMR process were developed from its own life experience which you can read in his Best-Selling Book "Memory in the Cells, How to Transform Behavioral Patterns". There, you´ll also find information about the CMR process.

    What makes the CMR process unique and different is:

    It is a process of healing and emotional education that you can use now and for the rest of your life.
    It puts you at the driver’s seat of your own self awareness and healing without expecting others to do it for you.

    There are several tools among which you can choose and apply depending on the situation that you're going through.

    It is easy to learn because it is a natural process. You were designed to do this work and you can rediscover and verify it quickly! It focuses on the body, emotions and mind working together in an integrated manner.

    www.amazon.com for Luis Angel Diaz' book

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    DJ's Round Table "Is this Generation getting left behind"

    in Culture

    We will discuss the gaps in education levels, jobs, promotion and the things going on in our lives. Who is really falling behind and why.....

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    Map2Self: Women's Tales From the Road Less Traveled

    in Women

    Our guest Brooke Thomas doesn't live what you would call the "conventional life." On today's show she will share her theory on our need to "Live an Experimental Life." Her equation: The world needs more light. Fulfillment, light and joy come through living authentically. Authenticity comes from Self-awareness. And sometimes to Know Yourself, and your path, you have to try on a few hats. Join us to be inspired with tales and insights that liberate you from the "cookie-cutter" life and open you up to the beauty of carving your own way.

    Amongst many other things, Brooke Thomas is the founder of an online magazine called The 11 Project that aims to "redefine the good life" 11 questions at a time. Brooke's belief that we all need "light in all it's lovely forms" propelled her on this mission to seek out, and interview, inspiring people about how they broke out of numbing molds to bring their unique gifts to life. To learn more about Brooke, or to read The 11 Project go to www.11project.com

    Please also join us on Facebook at Map to Self to get inspired, connected, and to find out about amazing upcoming women's events!

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    The Kerrie O'Connor Show

    in Spirituality

    Join Kerrie O'Connor and Dave Turco as Kerrie uses her amazing intuitive abilities to help you transform and celebrate your life! Kerrie can energetically view your personal life history and blueprints, observe your true inner processes and help you tune into and direct your soul's purpose right over the phone. Kerrie's mission is to remind and re-awaken you to your Divine heritage. She can help you step out of your "stories
    " and into your power. Begin to release from negative thought patterns so you can truly live your most joyous and fulfilling life. Please go to www.kerrieoconnor.com for all of Kerrie's offerings from workshops to teleclasses to radio shows and an array of products.

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    THE CLEAR VIBRATION...Dreaming Down Heaven with author Gini Gentry!

    in Spirituality

    Join Ascension NOW! Transformational Life Empowerment & Divine Human Activation & Divine Grace Healing Facilitator & Instructor, Seminar Author & Facilitator, Channel and Host JOE RUMBOLO www.HealingTheUniverse.com as he !!WELCOMES!! Author, teaching partner of don Miguel Ruiz & Nagual Woman, the female spiritual leader of the Toltec Eagle Knight Lineage, GINI GENTRY www.GiniGentry.com
    Accomplished inspirational speaker & workshop leader GINI GENTRY worked side-by-side with world-renowned Toltec master don Miguel Ruiz for fourteen years, first as his manager & student & later as his sole teaching partner. During this time, she earned the title of Nagual Woman, the female spiritual leader of the Toltec Eagle Knight Lineage. GINI is the author of the forthcoming book-within-a-book…Dreaming Down Heaven, a revolutionary new take on the personal growth genre that combines accessible nonfiction with illuminating fiction.
    Dreaming Down Heaven presents twelve life-changing keystones to awakening and through entertaining fiction, brings them into three dimensional reality. Together, the nonfiction and fiction presentations of GINI powerful teachings provide the knowledge necessary to surmount fear, awaken to self-love, and step into a life of outrageous joy.
    Join JOE & Gini for 60 minutes of Education, Transformation, Inspiration, Enlightenment, Entertainment and Fun as they discuss this Magical Theatre Presentation called Dreaming Down Heaven!

    Your questions, comments, experiences, flavor of truth & participation are always welcome. Light Up The Switchboard by calling 714-364-4353. JOE & GINI will be looking for you there!

    Laugh Often; Spread The Light; AND Do Not Forget To Breathe! This is LIGHTWORK folks…LIGHTEN UP!

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    Gospel Talk - When A Man Mind Is Raped ( part - 1 )

    in Spirituality

    We will discuss the trauma caused to men when they have been a victim of abuse at any point in the life and the answers God has provided to help the individual overcome through informative knowledge, forgiveness, healing, and empowerment to move forward in life.

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    Spiritual Maturity is the Result of Trusting "The Void" (The Unknown)

    in Spirituality

    Join me every Monday - Thursday for a 60-minute conversation that will shift your consciousness for the day. Allowing you to create a space and a place for healing, empowerment and inspiration.

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    Angelic Insights - Our Final Show!

    in Spirituality

    During today's show Laurel & Marie will be taking your calls & questions for Josephus & the Wisdom Council. Call in for your daily dose of Angelic Love~!

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    Snake Oil Radio/Has the new Astrology changed your sign?

    in Spirituality

    Host Jim Ventura (professional Soothsayer, navigational consultant) discusses his latest monthly blog column; Snake Oil. Callers with questions or comments are encouraged to call in live, or to ask questions in the chat room. You can even ask for a 5 minute mini reading! Metaphysical wisdom, practicality, humor and an old souls insight make Snake Oil Radio worth listening to. Todays show: Has the new Astrology changed your sign?

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    Adayara Live - Show #16 (Living Off Grid)

    in Spirituality

    Author and Inspirational Speaker, Adayara Rivera, hosts this informative weekly radio show sharing personal insights on achieving REAL self-empowerment and CORE self-healing! Based upon his own personal experience and integration of the profound information and knowledge of the MCEO Freedom Teachings™, Adayara breaks it down to a level that speaks to everyone from all spiritual backgrounds.

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