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    University of Love with The Love Dr on WHPN The Source.FM

    in Romance

    WHPN welcomes host, The Love Dr inside The ConsciousZone. Relationship dialogue with host.Interviews meditations,self empowerment through affirmations, personal stories, and experiences. Open discussion on marriage, divorce, initimacy,spirituality, and more. Intuitive readings also available. Join the Love Dr. each and every Sunday 6pm.

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    Girlfriend, Get Out of Your Own Way and Just BE Delicious!

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    You don't have time to worry about what other people are doing so don't waste your energy. It's time for you to show up and show out in your life. Aren't you ready to take off all the masks, get that fear monkey off your back and let the real fearless woman within reign in your life. Tune in as Catrice shares exclusive tips, excerpts and life strategies from her new book, Delicious! The Savvy Woman's Guide To Living a Sweet, Sassy and Satisfied Life.

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    Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Radio - Uncertainty, Creativity and Change

    in Spirituality

    Nat Couropmitree and Deb Silke, practitioners at the Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Resource Center, LLC, in Danvers, MA (www.AncientWisdomSRC.com), will speak about uncertainty, creativity and change. For most people, uncertainty paves the road to negative thinking. The ‘not knowing’, frightens most people more than even ‘bad news’. But, believe it or not, there are people in the world who have mastered living with uncertainty (even thrive on it!) and see it as a great opportunity for creativity and change. You can be one of them!

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    How to Benefit from Mentoring

    in Self Help

    Most successful individuals will tell you that they had one or more mentors in their life that helped them achieve their level of success. As discussed in an earlier episode, individual development and personal empowerment relies on the kind of feedback and coaching that comes from mentors.

    Mentoring is a development process achieved through collaboration between individuals committed to the same goal. If done right, it can prepare protégés to assume greater responsibility earlier in their careers and help them address personal developmental goals.

    This episode will explain how to source, recruit and successfully collaborate with a mentor as part of your personal empowerment strategy. We will also discuss the benefits derived from mentoring and the potential pitfalls that can ruin a mentoring relationship. As always, you can call into the show to ask questions about the topic or any other human resources issue.

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    Kervance Ross - How to Change the Mind of a Mediocre Man

    in Family

    He's back, Kervance Ross is here to provide key life tips on changing the mind of a man.

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    Living the Life with Nova Browning Rutherford

    in Women

    Our Guest for this show will be Nova Browning Rutherford. Founder of "But I Love Me More", Nova Browning Rutherford seeks to extract the "message from the mess" guiding readers along a path to loving themselves more through acceptance, accountability, and action. Acceptance for what you are and are not, accountability for your role in the madness and lastly, concrete action in order to see results. It is not her intention to tell you how to be happy, she simply wants to remind you that it’s possible and you deserve it. Now love you more.

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    The Stop Cussin Campaign Founder Tonya E. aka Miss Right Now will combine her ministry Women of God and Sisters of Testimonies to uplift, empower and speak the solutions to HEAL our families, friends and communities! You may have witnessed her one woman movement in the communities across the global, as well as her multiple talents ranging in the entertainment industry. She has now committed to conduct her own radio show to share with everyone God's message and solutions of the many problems spoken on a daily basis. Please be sure to join her as she again steps out on FAITH and obey Her orders to SHINE THE LIGHT. For more information about Tonya E. be sure to visit her websites at www.stopcussin.com, www.missrightnowinc.com, www.missrightnow411.vox.com, and www.womenofgodsistersoftestimonies.vox.com. She is truly GRATEFUL for GOD'S Mercy and Grace daily. She is also so GRATEFUL to EVERYONE that has supported her through her journey. Now it's time to bring her from in front of the cameras back to the microphone. It's time to get LIFTED with Women of God and Sisters of Testimonies. Be Blessed!!!

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    Personal Growth Expert and Author Diane Brandon

    in Self Help

    Diane Brandon’s work is all about teaching, reaching, uplifting, and inspiring. She has been facilitating, teaching, and assisting others in their personal and business lives for sixteen years, in both private consultations and group classes and workshops, helping others to transform their lives in a positive way and to find more fulfillment and joy in life – to raves from her clients. Diane is a Radio Host, Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Intuition Teacher, Speaker, and Author. she is the host of “Naturally Vibrant Living,” on Webtalkradio.net (and previously hosted “Living Your Power” on VoiceAmerica.com) and “Vibrantly Green with Diane Brandon” on Ecology.com. As an Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Diane specializes in Personal Growth, Dream Interpretation, Personal Empowerment, and the Power in Your True Self Work. Her work focuses on helping clients align themselves with their true inner selves and build both confidence and strong inner resources. The inner strengthening bleeds over into other areas of their lives, including career, relationships, etc. Diane also does deep inner work via Customized Healing Meditations and Regression, as well as customized Exercises. Dream Interpretation and Dream Work are a specialty in her work and she has worked with Dreams for over thirty years, helping others to understand and work with their dreams as a tool in their lives. She’s an expert on Intuition and has taught it extensively in classes, workshops, corporate seminars, and Continuing Education at both Duke University and University of Memphis. She’s researched it as a phenomenon as well as teaching it and has never had anyone not be able to find at least some of their intuitive ability in her classes and workshops.

    Diane is the author of Invisible Blueprints – Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life and several personal growth articles and contributing author to The Long Way Around and Speaking out.

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    Chat Kafe w/KP - Freestyle Kafe September 5, 2010

    in Romance

    Join the Chat Kafe team as we explore various topics related to relationships, dating, love, etc.

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    Keeping Kids Safe at School and at Home

    in Parents

    Parents Tool Talk™ returns at a new day and time, and it's better than ever! Special coupons for "double discounts" on resources, exclusive
    bonus resources for our LIVE callers, and as always, guest experts who discuss topics that are relevant to you! This coming Monday, Jody and special guest expert Kim Estes will discuss teaching safety to children, with an emphasis on the safety issues parents may encounter as their children go back to school. Kim Estes is a 12-year parent educator, and co-founder of P.E.A.C.E. (Parent Education And Child Empowerment). She is a certified prevention educator through the National Security Alliance, and since 2006 has been empowering families to be safe through non-fearful techniques and easy-to-apply parenting strategies.

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    08/13/2010 - On Point w/EJ

    in Christianity

    12pm-1pm(cst)- "Empowerment Pages" with Rev. Dameon E. Madison, pastor of Stewardship and Development at Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, where the Dr. Fredrick D. Haynes, III is senior pastor. Join us as we discuss "Mirror Image", Psalms 139:13-14, on this week's Empowerment Page.

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    Elizabeth Hamilton Live with Actress Brianna Brown

    in Women

    Join Elizabeth Hamilton for a one hour special live interview with actress Brianna Brown!

    Minnesota-born actress Brianna Brown has starred in numerous high profile roles including Knocked Up, Timber Falls, CSI, CSI:Miami and NY, Smallville, Entourage, The Closer, Monk, Without a Trace and Criminal Minds, just to name a few. Brianna is currently playing Dr. Lisa Niles on General Hospital. Brianna founded "The New Hollywood" Women's Goal Group Inc. Brianna feels that "the only way for women to truly elevate themselves is to elevate each other...to be the cheerleaders for ourselves and other females as we would our partners and children." Women empowerment is a passion for Brianna and she looks forward to "the new feminism" where females can express every aspect of themselves without having to conform or hinder who they really are and also be able to bloom to their true potential."

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