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    Anchoring The New Energies June 2012

    in Spirituality

    This episode will be about your Ultimate Empowerment: how can you empower yourself in such a way that you do not need anything (or anyone) outside of yourself to be happy? You will be able to use this tool any time you find yourself in a disempowering situation. Come join me on Saturday June 9th, 11:00 AM Pacific, 20:00 Amsterdam (CEST) Time.
    For more (completely free) Tools for a Happy & Empowered Life, go to www.shining-light.eu and sign up!

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    Rare Sense Thoughts Seek a Tall Plateau

    in Spirituality

    Join Harry Shade, author of Rare Sense; One Day It Will Be Common, each and every week for the Rare Sense Thoughts show! This 15 minute show is designed to give you tips, techniques, knowledge and wisdom on how to use rare sense in your life. You will come away, empowered, enlightened and evolved.
    Today harry spoke on seeking a tall plateau, rather than peaking and to enjoy your successes.

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    Ryan Mack on Living in the Village

    in Finance



    Ryan Mack graduated from the University of Michigan Business School (ranked number one in the country) with a concentration in Finance. His career in equity markets began in Detroit, Michigan as a stock trader and later as a trader for the largest NASDAQ trading firm in the nation, Knight Securities. Having a passion for teaching he established his own financial awareness group in 2003 where he began to publish regular newsletters about various financial related issues that were of interest to people from all income levels.


    Living in the Village: Build Your Financial Future and Strengthen Your Community

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    The Adronis Morning Show!

    in Spirituality

    Join us every morning Monday to Friday at 10am PST for the Adronis Morning Show re-located on ATW radio!
    Feel free to call in, ask questions and enjoy all of the interaction that the Adronis Morning Show can bring: Guided meditations, energies of the day and submitted questions to the multi-dimensional mentor, Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson
    See our past episode archive via the link below and join in on the interaction of the Internet's first metaphysical morning show!

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    Media Personality & Relationship Expert @TheStacyKaiser

    in Entertainment

    Join your Social Media Girlfriends on Girlfriends Talk Radio as we discuss hot topics and all things fabulous!
    This week we are talking with  Stacy Kaiser.  Stacy is an amazing women, Psychotherapist, Author, Relationship Expert, Media Personality and USA Today Advice Columist. 
    Join us LIVE on the air and in the nest on Twitter! Simply use the hashtag #SmGirlfriends!
    We are brining Global Brilliance Together ~ We hope you join us! 

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    Put Away Childish Things

    in Christianity

    Sometimes in our walk with Christ we adults act like children.  We fight, quarrel, are envious, and refuse to walk in true love with our brothers and sisters.  Today we will talk about the difference between innocence and immaturity and the importance of "growing up" in God.  Join us!

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    Dare To Be Different

    in Spirituality

    These last few weeks have challenged me to accept some things about myself and my ministry.  In two separate settings, God established my position in the Kingdom and I sat there speechless.  One prophetic voice spoke these words to me, "Dare To Be Different".  I heard that loud and clear but was unsure of the next move.
    As we look at our individual significance in the Kingdom, we have to realize that we are unique and original. Each of us is different and bring a different facet of our gift for the edifying of the saints. 
    Have you backed up from your assignment because it didn't look like everyone else's?  Did you think that maybe you missed God because what He gave you was outside the box?  Guess what - like me, you've got to Dare To Be Different!  Join me as I share regarding the training Go has for us to  get us to the expected end.  You will be Empowered!

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    Overeducated poverty: Too good for this job

    in Finance

    As the unemployment rate increases, Americans are concerned with the future of tomorrow. We are seeing more people either laid off or experience complete loss of employment. By adding to the downward economy, it forces many to make overwhelming decisions.
    Tune in as your host gives you tips toward empowerment.
    "Love yourself enough to support yourself." BL Shabazz

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    Marjorie Merrill's Motivational Moments

    in Self Help

    Marjorie Merril's Motivational Moments Presents Empowerment Series: "CHANGING MY LIFE" Taken from My Upcoming Book of the Same Name. Here We're Journeying Together Through My Very Traumatic Life Experiences to the Miracles of Self-Transformation; with My Ever-Increasing Love for and from "Creative Source" "God" or the "Divine Essence within, etc. (whatever name you call your Higher Power) Learning of Our Oneness and My "True Identity of Divinity" and Through Prayer, Meditation and Journaling I went from Self-Hatred and Self-Rejection to an Ever-Increasing Love for Myself and Creating the Life of My Dreams...And You Can Too! Come join Me on the Journey of Empowerment to the Manifestation of Your Goals and Dreams! No Matter How Big or How Small, You Can Do It! Let's Take the Journey Together! Tune In Every Saturday~5:30PM~US~CT~(United States~Central Time) or Listen 24-7 to Archived Shows Anytime Day or Night. Each Live Broadcast is Available 30 Minutes After Shows End...The Archived Versions Are 15 Extra Minutes of Programming~So Stay Tuned for More Even After the Original Sign-off. Thank You for Listening! Thank You for Your Support! I Wish You Continued Success, Love, Prosperity, Peace of Mind, Happiness, Health, Great Relationships, Eternal Blessings, Total Fulfillment and All the Is Divine!

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    Inner Work with host Dr. Nidia

    in Spirituality

    A journey Through the Soul is dedicated to the empowerment of individuals to acquire, apply, and create a passageway to spiritual development. This is achieved by way of collaborative ongoing research focusing on the Toxic Ego, the Dark Night of the Soul, discovering the inner essence, and achieving a spiritual awakening for individuals. Dr. Nidia Enid Collado received her Ph.D. from Union Institute & University in Psychology with emphasis in Addictions Studies. She Is a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern and received her Master’s Degree from Barry University. She is a Certified Addiction Professional for the State of Florida and Part time Professor at Union Institute and University. She is also a Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist. For more information www.doctornidia.com

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    in Women

    CALLING ALL DREAMERS...Don't miss today's powerful conclusion to our Dream Catcher's series. No God dream is complete without a God team. Jesus himself understood the power of a God team, he chose 12 men to walk with him and destiny was fulfilled and completed.
    Building a dream team is not an exact science but there are principals that you can utilize to guide you in your process.
    Join us today and make your dream a reality!

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    LadiesTellAll Empowerment/Independence!!!!!!!!! Fuel For the Relationship Soul!!

    in Romance

    Join Ms.Jennah/Ms.Cai Special V-Day Treat Author & The Realtionship Lady Ms. Charmaine has her new book The Bait to Get Your Mate Hitting the Shelves February 14th