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Culture Without Accountability – WTF? What's The Fix? has been named a Winner in the 2014 Small Business Book Awards in the category of Management. Don't let the title fool you. "Culture Without Accountability - WTF - What's... more

You've been busy working on Leveling Up Your Life and Growing a Garden any Farmers Market Maven would be proud to call their own. Then one morning you notice weeds have crept in, sprouting up all over your hard work. One problem... more

With 3740 votes, we can see why Prof M.S.Rao is a winner in the management category for the Small Business Book Awards 2014 for his book: "Success Tools for CEO Coaches: Be a Learner, Leader and Ladder" This book highlights... more

With 308 votes, Brian took home the Award for the 2014 Small Business Book Award in the categor of Socail Media with his title: "It's Not About You, It's About BACON! Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World" It is written for the... more

Where's Mine!? Where's Yours!? Your Garden, your Dream, your Goals? Where's that Life you should be having about now? Though you've planted and prayed over that Awesome Life you've been striving for, you don't have much more... more

After reading a short bio on how Linda got started writing and becoming a published author, I am convinced that if you have the vision to seize opportunity when it knocks, no matter what environment you're in, you will be... more

Often we run across those people who need a little help in their lives. Whether they have merely stepped off the path to their dreams or gone the darker route of addiction, our first inclination is get in there and lend a helping hand. Much to... more

We are always growing through life - sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally, and often on autopilot. Messages are planted - through experiences, teachings, victories and defeats. These messages become what... more

Any who have ever planted in the hopes of watching something grow from the earth know there's more to it than making a hole, setting some seeds in the ground, then walking away and forgetting about it until things come to fruition.... more
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