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Empowering, enhancing and enriching energetic wellness. Bridging the gap between western medicine-energy medicine to empower your innate ability to heal.

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Join your host, Rebecca Girouard and guest, Denise and Ron Soderstrom who bring juicing to the forefront for detoxifying our body. We'll be discussing the why's of detoxing our body, the process, guidelines as more and more people... more
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Join Rebecca Girouard and Mary Robbins, as they bring you the latest news on E-SMOG and what it is actually doing to our body. Learn why our state of wellness is diminished and what we can be doing now to help ourselves. Hear... more

Join your host, Rebecca Girouard, and our Co-host, Mary Robbins, as they discuss the most critical substance our body needs to produce for optimum health and wellness. We cannot survive without Glutathione, so how do we turn on it's... more

Join your host, Rebecca Girouard and our Guest, Mary Robbins from Ohio as they discuss the groundbreaking discovery of how to turn on our own Glutathione production! Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics is at the forefront of this discovery.... more

Join your host, Rebecca Girouard for an interview with guest, Mary Robbins of Ohio and the shift she is seeing in people moving into energetic wellness and self care! Hear what she is doing and the contributions she is making to... more

Join your host, Rebecca Girouard, for updates in the field of Quantum Medicine and energy healing! Hear what has been experienced in the past month of her travels to Newport Beach, California where she joined Dr. Eric Pearl... more

Join your host, Rebecca Girouard and welcome back to our show, Denise Soderstrom from L.A. to hear her recent Multiple Sclerosis healing update! Find out what her Dr. admitted...and what he said about her ongoing efforts... more

What does voltage have to do with healing? Join your host, Rebecca Girouard and guest, Ron Soderstrom of "Awakening to Wellness" as they discuss the most important aspects of repairing and healing our body. How do our cells normally... more

Join your host, Rebecca Girouard, as she shares her own story of her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, the deterioration that followed and the serendipitous event that changed the course of her life. Hear who showed up in her life, the choices... more

Join your host, Rebecca Girouard and her guests, Denise and Ron Soderstrom from the Los Angeles area, as they discuss Denise's healing from having serious symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis! We'll find out what Denise's path was to... more

What is energized wellness? Find out what the 10 essential steps are for our wellness and then amplify it into ENERGIZED wellness!! 10 easy steps...the foundation of what we truly need to be well. Energetic wellness is founded in... more