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Evolutionary Spirituality with your host Donna DeVane! Donna is a certified spiritual healer, life coach, author and teacher of a New Evolutionary Spirituality! We are not divided beings, part one thing, part another. We are ONE. With All Creation. Everything is energy, thoughts, feelings, actions, words, politics, playing, fighting; it's All Energy! Let's discuss Life as we are living it. What are we creating? Are we loving it or do we need to shift our energy and create something different? Listen in for a new take on old thoughts. Please visit my website http://www.ConsciousnessPower.com Search For my books on Amazon, ITunes and Audible I'm on YouTube too!

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Do you know what you are creating right now? Do you understand the power of your imagaination? Listen in as Donna DeVane, author & teacher,shares the inside scoop, the real secret, to creating your life the way you actually desire to... more

What are you afraid of? Do you know where those limits started? Working on the Sacral Chakra we can deal with and heal all limits stored there. Emotional memories become your identity so you create the same experiences over and... more

Do you often wonder how to be happy? Most do. Being happy really is simple and easy. It does take a bit of practice. Author, teacher, radio broadcaster, Donna DeVane walks you through three easy steps to experience happiness each and... more

We talk a lot about beliefs, but what about our agreements with ourselves and the world? These are Siamese twins, one always reflecting the other. Do you often catch yourself saying one thing and doing another? Do you make plans,... more

I've been saying it for years, it's time to wake up & live the spiritual principles we've been teaching, talking, reading, writing and coaching about. There is a different way to create consciously and we are being urged forward by the... more

No matter what you see outside your self it is a reflection of what is inside. This is true for you and for all of us. We create & co-create the illusion we refer to as reality. Together we can change the outer reflection, but first we must do our... more

It's all about perspective. It really does matter what you think about things. What you think is the only thing that creates your experience with life. Ever wonder how one person can find someone a delight and another think he's a monster? It's... more

You know how it feels when everything just seems to be contrary of how you want it? Well.. there are gifts hiding there. The key is noticing the gifts, accepting them and following your own Divine Advice. You really do know what you want to... more

By practicing awareness and writing it down, by inventorying those beliefs that are not giving out the instructions for the desired experiences, you will be able to install some new programs that combined with your PASSION will lead you to... more
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