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Melanie Tonia Evans is an author, radio host, relationship and dating expert and coach. She’s the author of the books Breaking the Chains of Painful Love and Take Back Your Power. Melanie’s work resulted from her own nearly fatal experiences with narcissistic abuse, co-dependency and relationship addiction. Melanie is now a world expert on empowering women and healing painful love. Her deep core writing, teaching, coaching and healings are now liberating women world wide to stand up and take back their power in order to create a life of deservedness whereby they can attract and sustain genuine and healthy love relationships. Heal the past. Heal yourself. Create real love! www.melanietoniaevans.com

On-Demand Episodes

Some people have asked me for a Thriver Story interview with someone further down the track from their NARP Healing Journey..and to see what their life looks like now - some years later. This story is about Laurie, who before the "Thriver... more

This radio show is for people who are suffering narcissistic abuse from a family member. Many people email me and ask me ?What do I do if the narcissist is my family member?? They also write, ?Melanie you deal with intimate partner... more

This radio show is about the parts of ourselves that are in fear, pain and unworthiness. How do these shadow parts play out? What power do they have in our life? Why are they stuck in the shadows of unconsciousness affecting... more

This radio show is a deep look at the covert abuse of triangulation. What are the different parts of triangle? Who plays out these parts of the triangle, and why do they? During this show you will understand what is really happening in... more

This show is very special; it is about a wonderful lady named Annie who suffered intense and awful abuse from her birth family, including sexual abuse. This show is about Annie's story, her Thriver recovery and a determined passion... more

Many people have been hurt and treated appallingly by narcissists. It is very common to feel that bringing the narcissist to accountability would ease the wounding. During this radio show you will learn the truth about accountability,... more

This radio show is about the different parts of ourselves which influence our life. My friend asked me not long ago… ?Should I make friends with my ego to shut it up?? My answer was a firm ?No?. You will find out in this radio show... more

This Thriver Show is one of the most incredible, bizarre interviews I have ever done...and shows us how narcissistic abuse can have so many forms, how deadly it's hooks are, and how it can play out - even if your are NOT in a relationship... more

This radio show is a deep look at how and why narcissists can don different personalities, and behave completely differently from one relationship to the next. You will be astounded at the 'real' reasons why this happens, as well as realise... more

This radio show is a deep journey into why co-dependents find themselves in devastating relationships with narcissists. During this show you will learn more about 'what' co-dependency really is, why so much of humankind suffers from it,... more
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