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Melanie Tonia Evans is an author, radio host, relationship and dating expert and coach. She’s the author of the books Breaking the Chains of Painful Love and Take Back Your Power. Melanie’s work resulted from her own nearly fatal experiences with narcissistic abuse, co-dependency and relationship addiction. Melanie is now a world expert on empowering women and healing painful love. Her deep core writing, teaching, coaching and healings are now liberating women world wide to stand up and take back their power in order to create a life of deservedness whereby they can attract and sustain genuine and healthy love relationships. Heal the past. Heal yourself. Create real love! www.melanietoniaevans.com

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In this show I will discuss the crippling beliefs that can make women fearful of seeking love and connecting to love in healthy ways. What is it that can stop women finding and connecting with love? What are the fears that sabotage the... more

In this show Nancy and I will discuss why narcissists target nice people who have a great deal of empathy to give. Does this make empaths victims, or is there a deeper reason going on? How can you be an empath yet learn healthy... more

So much of our fear comes from the belief that bad things happen, or maybe - just as something goes right it will go wrong and that people can do bad things to us. On a human level that has been our experience that can keep fear... more

This show was a pre-recorded show with a lady from the UK who is recovering from narcissistic abuse. Only a month ago Juliette was devestated, incredibly depressed and feeling helpless. Due to her engaging in the Narcissistic Abuse... more

This show is a 90 minute special including a guest who will experience a free on-air Quanta Freedom Healing. This lady from the UK has already been chosen for this show, and has been a victim of narcissistic abuse. To understand... more

In this show Nancy and I will discuss the times when the narcissist admits that there is something wrong with them – and when they talk about why they are damaged and how they want to heal. During this show we will... more

This show is a 90 minute special including a guest who will experience a free on-air Quanta Freedom Healing. Quanta freedom Healing is a healing technique that can be applied to any less than situation in your life that you wish to... more

In this show Nancy and I will discuss one of the most normal responses and charges that occur when narcissistically abused which is: wanting to get even with the narcissist. What happens when we try to do this and what are the results?... more

This show is a one hour session including an individual who has been chosen for a free Quanta Freedom Healing on-air. The topic for this healing is recovery from narcissistic abuse. This show is a powerful show to listen to if you have been... more

This show was a pre-recorded show interviewing three men who had been in narcissitically abuive relationships. Discover ho wthese men became hooked to narcissitic females and how they escaped the abuse. Please suggest this show... more
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