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An Hour To Empower

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An Hour to empower with Mo & Mickey empowers, inspires, motivates and uplifts men, women and their to make healthy life choices. Our guest includes authors, poets, business owners, ministers and. Listen as we discuss topics such as relationships, marriage, dating, how to write and publish a book, entrepreneurship, current events and much more……..

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Our Guest is Pastor Kim Jones Taylor. Pastor Taylor will discuss the presence of the Jezebel spirit and how it functions through leaders in positions of spiritual authority. She will also discuss how the spirit is a demonic spirit of control and... more

Do you judge a person by the neighborhood they live in? Do you choose your friends by your own station in life? Would you live with you mate before you married them. Do you judge people who are overweight? Would you date or... more

Kate’s book shows how a family can evolve even with abuse going on and the O'Brien's are CATHOLIC so the heroin addiction, molestation and teenage pregnancy has to be hidden and the family pretends everything is fine... more

Would you carry a child for your friend or relative. Men Would you donate your sperm so that your friend or relative could have a baby? Would you marry someone who has been incarcerated? Would you marry or date your... more

Would you marry someone who had been incarcerated? Would you date or marry your brother/sister's ex? Would you marry for money only? Would you fake an illness for money or attention? Let us know your, would you's?

Our guest will be Linda Wyrick. Linda will discuss how important it is to make the right choices when we are young and how making the wrong choices early in life can affect our future. Linda will also discuss what it was like being... more

If your spouse had a problem with gambling or his/her spending habit was out of control, would you tell them, if you won the lottery or came into a large inheritance? If your best friend’s spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend hit on you, would... more

Taki is the co-founder of "Evolve Your Wealth" Evolve Your Wealth consists of educational programs that raises the consciousness of people’s relationship to money, how to create wealth holistically, how to feel holistic about creating... more

Join Mo, Vic for this lively discussion on the reasons why men and women cheat. Do men and women cheat for different reasons? Let’s talk about it

Our guest will be author Shawn McDowell. Shawn will be discussing his book “I See That You Are Down, But When Are You Going To Get Up? His book chronicles the trials and tribulations he encountered during his transition from... more